Our Employee Scholarship Program Opens Doors to Quality Education


Flex employee graduates from the Employee Scholarship Program in Guadalajara Mexico

Helping our employees reach their full potential

At Flex, our people push limits—and work together globally—to achieve results that exceed expectations. Our employees are among some of the brightest people working on groundbreaking projects with the world’s leading brands. We train and develop our talented employees at all levels by providing a diverse array of programs that include instructor-led classes, online learning, on-the-job training, and leadership development programs.

On the road to become an employer of choice

We strive to become the workplace of choice -- a place where our employees can become leaders, have access to higher education, and achieve individual enrichment. This commitment stems from our alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth and #4 Quality Education.

We’re serious about our commitment to these efforts. In 2016, we committed to increasing the average training reach to employees by 5 percent year over year and made it one of our 20 Goals for 2020.  Twice a year we report our progress.

“A critical aspect of Flex sustainability is giving back to the communities where we work and live. One way we contribute to social prosperity is ensuring our employees have access to continued education -- providing access to better opportunities,” said Kelly Hampton, VP of Global Marketing and Sustainability at Flex.

A scholarship program for continued education


About 3,000 employees benefited in 4 countries with 25+ programs

In 2008, we started the Employee Scholarship Program in Guadalajara, Mexico. In collaboration with local accredited educational institutions, it enabled our employees to take on-site classes toward obtaining a technical certification, a high-school diploma or a university degree at a local university or school. Over time, the program expanded to include master’s degrees. Flex provided most of the funding for this program.

The program has expanded to other countries globally, including Poland, China, Malaysia and Brazil. Overall, 10 sites (Guadalajara, Juarez (2 locations) and Sorocaba in Americas,  Fuyong, Penang, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, and Suzhou in Asia and Tczew in EMEA) currently offer more than 25 educational programs that benefitting almost 3,000 employees.

“Thanks to Flex and its Employee Scholarship Program I have completed my MBA degree, reaching one more goal of my professional career. This program gave me all the support required to complete the course and fulfill my job responsibilities successfully,” said Francisco Diaz, Senior Manager of Technology Information. “The MBA degree will help me to continue my professional growth at Flex.”

As of March 2018, more than 1,000 employees have completed their educational programs.

Breakdown by course type as of March 2018

Technical Certification

11 courses, 4 completed
~220 graduates since 2017

High School

5 completed courses, 1 in progress
~800 graduates since 2010


7 generations  (All in progress)
First graduates in Fall 2018


2 generations, 1 completed course
50 graduates in Spring 2018

Other programs supporting our employees

In addition to the Employee Scholarship Program, we sponsor other employee development programs that support our employees’ growth and help them reach their full potential. Our Service Learning Program focuses on driving social progress through disaster relief efforts and educational support to communities in Laos, Nepal and Mexico. Our Earth Day Challenge involves implementing environmental awareness initiatives and programs at our sites and within our communities. These programs build collaboration and highlight personal agency to drive positive impacts and enact our corporate values.


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