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Calea Torontalului

DN6 km 5.7, 300668
Timișoara, Romania
+4 (0)256303500

Centrul de Afaceri Openville (Iulius City)

Piaţa Consiliul Europei, nr. 2A
UBC 1, Clădirea U1
Timişoara, România

Team member experiences

The knowledge I gain daily at Flex is really priceless, and there are so many opportunities to advance in different areas within the company. I am proud to be part of a company that makes great products for our customers and improves people’s lives.

Roxana Gheorghe, Senior Test Engineer

— Roxana Gheorghe, Senior Test Engineer

For me, life at Flex is about learning something new. I have the job I want, and I love my work as a debug technician. Here women are treated equally, working conditions are very good, and together with my colleagues, we work as a united team. My experience with Flex is truly great!

Lucia Ciobanu, Debug Technician

— Lucia Ciobanu, Debug Technician

Flex is the place where I was able to learn, develop, make mistakes, and was encouraged to always be curious. My colleagues inspire me every day to succeed.

Gabriella Fekete, Hardware Development Manager

— Gabriella Vaina, Hardware Development Manager

One of the important things I learned at Flex is to put all my resources into play to make the best decision, and then move on focusing on the next steps. I was pleasantly surprised to discover wonderful people who welcomed me with an open heart and supported me.

In the eight years I’ve worked at Flex, I have had the opportunity to develop both professionally and as a person. Maybe I failed a few times along the way, but what really matters is how far I’ve come.

Cristina Romina Patrinjei, Line Trainer

— Cristina Romina Patrinjei, Line Trainer

I’ve been with Flex for more than 16 years. As a working mother, I have successfully been able to maintain the balance between my professional and personal life, which is so important. I am grateful for my colleagues in Flex who taught me empathy, respect, and excellence in every aspect of my job. For me it is really about ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’

Ana Pamela Beuca, Shift Administrator

— Ana Pamela Beuca, Shift Administrator

For me, Flex represents a great workplace, where I feel safe and working conditions are optimal. My teammates are kind, respectful, and always ready to help and guide me. Flex offers me significant benefits such as health insurance, free transportation, bonuses, and much more. Flex truly enables me to be successful.

Liliana Raicu, Repair Specialist

— Liliana Raicu, Repairs Specialist