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Post-Sale Services

Providing reverse logistics and circular economy capabilities to meet regulatory requirements, maximize value recovery, and achieve sustainability goals

Sustainability Environmental Achievement and Leadership (SEAL) Award 2023

Sustainability Environmental Achievement and Leadership (SEAL) Award

Highlighting our leadership, innovation, and commitment to sustainable business practices, Flex was honored with a Sustainable Environmental Achievement and Leadership (SEAL) Award in the Sustainable Service category for our circular economy solutions and intelligent CO2 analytics.

Circular economy services: Sustainability analytics and reporting

Sustainability analytics

Data is a powerful tool in crafting and implementing an effective circular economy solutions strategy. Our suite of leading financial and environmental modeling tools and our award-winning Flex ECO2 help you quantify how our circular interventions can reduce emissions and drive resource productivity.

From an initial assessment of carbon emissions to data driven support of repair, refurbishment, and recovery decisions, our capabilities help you identify the optimal path forward and craft the right strategy for your service and sustainability needs.

Returns management and screening

Reverse logistics and screening

A trusted reverse logistics, returns, and screening process is critical to recovering value from returned products across enterprise, retail, and consumer channels.

We provide a range of capabilities to enhance the customer experience and returns visibility while maximizing value recovery. Our services include customer returns process management, returns logistics to the receipt, and screenings of products. Our expertise in asset recovery supports take-back programs with zero-landfill initiatives, full end-to-end traceability, and legal compliance.

Aftermarket returns & repairs

Repair and refurbishment

Repair and refurbishment have become important customer service and sustainability pillars for many brands. These capabilities allow companies to maintain products and prolong their lifecycle.

With configurable and scalable operations globally, we provide high quality technical repair and refurbishment services that are tailored to meet specific lead time, service, and cost objectives. Our repair and refurbishment services are continually refined based on product and service process insights.

Asset recovery and reuse

Recovery and reuse

Many companies recognize the intrinsic value remaining within products at end of life.

Our intelligent reporting capabilities and second life value calculators enable value recovery and carbon footprint reduction outcomes. Extracting valuable metals and components and enabling product reuse provides new revenue streams. Additionally, these practices contribute to a zero-landfill strategy for products. We provide parts harvesting services and spare parts logistics across our sites and are connected to a global network of recovery partners.

Circular economy solutions: recycling


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do — from the materials we source to the manufacturing processes that transform them into your final products.

Why? Because our sustainable business practices help protect our communities, our customers, and our business for the future. Which means we can keep leading the way together for a long time to come.

Visibility and insights

Visibility and insights

Our systems provide visibility and audit trails into product status. This discernment supports quality and customer processes, while also providing the analytical basis for continuous process and service improvement insights.