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Flex is at the forefront of automotive and mobility technology

Flex Automotive Design and Industry Awards

As an established automotive supplier to OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the world, we’ve been recognized for our designs, innovations, quality, and supply chain commitment by both our customers and industry publications.

Industry awards

  • Automobile & Parts Magazine Innovative Technology Award Winner for MARS II ADAS Domain Controller Platform
  • CLEPA Innovation Award Winner for 3rd Generation DC/DC converter
  • PACE Award Finalist with Baidu for autonomous valet parking
  • PACE Award Finalist for 3rd generation DC/DC converter
  • PACEpilot Finalist for MCi’s LiDAR Clean & Protect System

Customer awards

  • Li Auto Supplier Award for Best Supply Guarantee
  • NIO Supplier Award for System Efficiency
  • ZF Supplier Award for Operational Excellence – Production Material

Flex offers design and manufacturing solutions in a partnered ecosystem approach with standout services

Certified sites for ISO 26262, ASIL-D, ASPICE, TISAX, and more provide the highest possible quality of automotive-grade products and services.

Continuous investments into design and innovation offer turn-key product solutions and development platforms to accelerate time-to-market.

Agile manufacturing and our global presence provide the supply chain flexibility to source components and build products in region or rapidly shift production to other worldwide locations as demand or regulations change.

Highly skilled customer support teams work to ensure every partner, customer, and supplier receives exceptional customer service and high-quality products.

Design-for-manufacturing services provide expertise that enables products to be designed for the best possible manufacturing yield, quality, and cost.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing technologies and processes utilized in our factories around the world boost productivity and efficiency while lowering downtime and costs.

Real-time data analytics are leveraged to manage complex supply chains and help drive best practices and continuous improvements.

Today’s mobility landscape is a vast ecosystem of converging technologies

Flex’s collaborative engagement models and design expertise allow us to address the unique and complex needs of the mobility industry, while our global manufacturing scale and broad supply chain network enable us to quickly adapt to global macroeconomic challenges and the rapidly changing dynamics of the mobility markets to help our customers remain at the forefront of innovation.

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