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Anord Mardix


Committed to comprehensive engineering excellence, the company offers safety, reliability, and quality across its custom critical power solutions, meeting the most complex technical requirements with ease, no matter the challenge.

Anord Mardix, a Flex company, is a global leader in critical power solutions. They offer an extensive product portfolio of critical power solutions including switchgear, busway, power distribution, and modular power systems, along with monitoring solutions and services. 



Farm, a Flex company, offers complete development and design services for medical devices and diagnostics. By combining deep industry knowledge with vast design and manufacturing capabilities, Farm is integral to Flex’s medical solutions and services across the globe.



Infinex has the broadest technology portfolio in the industry, offering both standard and custom products.

Infinex, a Flex company, is a global components manufacturer that provides cost-effective, sustainable supply chain solutions. Specializing in high-quality passive and frequency management components, antennas, semiconductors, mechanicals, interconnect cables, and connectors, Infinex core technologies enable design innovation in a broad range of end-use applications in every industry.



IRUMOLD, a Flex company, is the leader in design, development and manufacturing of ultra-high precision multicavity molds with fully hot runner, for high volume production in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

The company produces molds for drug delivery devices such as inhalers, insulin pens, glucose monitoring systems, dose counters and other medical consumables like petri dishes, catheters, and syringes.



MCI, a Flex company, is a diversified innovative actuator supplier providing smart solutions for the automotive industry for over 60 years. As the global market leader in side-view mirror actuators providing customers with new actuation solutions for active aerodynamics, digital vision systems and camera monitor systems, MCi is now delivering next-level motion solutions that address needs throughout the vehicle and in entirely new industries.

Whether you’re looking for active aerodynamics on your next vehicle, key actuation in satellite user terminals, or something else entirely, MCi actuators are designed to exceed market expectations and set a new standard of performance.



Sheldahl, a Flex company, offers thin, lightweight electronics to adapt to today’s manufacturing needs. As a leader in the flexible circuit market, Sheldahl lives up to its reputation across industries for reliability, quality, and cost. Sheldahl specializes in additive (printed), subtractive (etched), and hybrid technologies.

Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik


Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik, a Flex company, has longstanding experience providing high precision injection tooling for the medical industry. Sønderborg provides design, manufacturing, testing, and implementation of multicavity injection molds for dosing equipment, hearing aids, insulin pens, and other dosage systems.