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Team member experiences

It’s very simple. I love our company’s mission, our team, and our culture!

I also like the flexibility provided by the management, so I am able to manage my job while taking care of my family with three little kids.

I’m truly blessed to be a part of this company for 15 years.

Rajitha, Finance Project Specialist at Flex

— Rajitha, Finance Project Specialist

Working at Flex is a very gratifying experience as I get to engage with highly-experienced, cross functional teams which gives me a deeper understanding of the technology and key engineering/management principles learned in school.

Working in the Flex ecosystem, I work under highly-skilled managers and subject matter experts who align career needs and company objectives, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Vaibhav Position, Validation Associate Engineer - Flex

— Vaibhav, Validation Associate Engineer