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Our Flex locations in Austria



Friesacher Strasse 3 9330
Althofen, Austria



Office Park 4
Top A 54/55
1300 Vienna Airport

Flex apprentices after Hackathon

Apprenticeship opportunities at Flex in Austria

At our site in Althofen, Austria, we offer two different apprenticeship programs, one for technical roles and the other for IT and app development.

Become a part of our apprentice team and start your education on-site in our training center. You will be supported by our trainers and will get practical experience and on-the-job training, as well as important theoretical training in our vocational school.

Hear from our employees at Flex on their experiences

As a female engineer, at some point you ask yourself how can work and family be reconciled. These worries are unfounded at Flex as they support flexible working hours. This is a great way to plan time for family and children and work.

Monika Biermbaumer, Design System Staff Engineer at Flex Austria

— Monika Bierbaumer, Design System Staff Engineer

I am proud and excited to be part of the Flex Design team. Proud because the medical products we develop help to make therapy as pleasant as possible for patients. Enthusiastic, because at Flex Althofen, we experience the advantages of “All under one Roof” on the one hand and the advantages of an internationally networked design structure on the other.

— Dietmar Klatzer, Design Account Manager

I enjoy working at Flex and really appreciate the fact that the doors to superiors are always open and that you can talk to them as equals.

Jessica Jerney, Technical Production Lead at Flex in Austria

— Jessica Jerney, Technical Production Lead

An award-winning workplace

  • Factory of choice
    Named the RBA Factory of Choice in 2024.
  • Award for diversity
    Awarded the Spektrum Award for Diversity in 2023.
  • Outstanding organization and manufacturing leadership
    Named to the EFQM Outstanding Org 7 in 2023. Flex Austria also received the Manufacturing Leadership Award in 2022.
  • Global lighthouse
    In 2021, the World Economic Forum and McKinsey named our Althofen, Austria site as a global lighthouse.

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