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Via Ernesto Breda 176, 20126
Milano (MI) Italy
+39 02 87329100


Strada Statale 234 n.1/3, 26867
Somaglia (LO) Italy
+39 037792660


Strada Al Monte d’Oro 14, 34147
Trieste (TS) Italy
+39 040 9872411

Women at Flex

Working at Flex continuously inspires me. It provides me with the work environment to focus on challenges and opportunities which allow me to learn, grow, and be successful in my career.

Moreover, I’m proud to be part of a company that supports women, such as being promoted to manager when I was pregnant.

— Cristina Semperboni,
Test & Process Engineering Manager

Every morning, I find people willing to listen and work together with the aim of translating theoretical ideas into real products.

Every evening, I know I’ve learned something new! That’s what motivates me in my job, and that’s what Flex allows me to do.

— Elisa Marchesin,
Mechanical Development Staff Engineer

Working in Flex is a day by day challenge: success and failure, effort, and reward, without losing enthusiasm… I love it!

— Alessia Mazzicone,
Quality Assurance Staff Engineer

As a quality engineer in Flex, it is very interesting working with a large variety of enthusiastic professionals from different backgrounds and interfacing with the international customers to have an overall view of the projects. There is never a boring moment in Flex, and I wouldn’t change that.

— Alessia Maggio,
Quality Engineer

Feeling valued every day, bringing my ideas to life, having countless opportunities to grow, meeting people from every corner of the world, getting in touch with the most diverse backgrounds… this is what being part of Flex means to me!

— Beatrice Cane,
Communication & Marketing Specialist

What I most like about Flex is that it is always changing, focusing on working on new and different products, and improving the way we work together. These changes are both challenging and rewarding, and it is thanks to a great work environment.

— Fiorella Pozzi,
Hardware Development Staff Engineer

As a young engineer in Flex, I am offered a constant stimulating environment together with the opportunity to work with colleagues and customers from all over the world. These are important points for me to grow professionally.

— Gabriella Mannara,
Product Quality Engineer