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Regionalization and flexibility

In the face of rising tariffs, increased labor costs, and geopolitical instability, leading brands are now evaluating manufacturing, supply chain, fulfillment, and after-sales services regionalization strategies as a valuable option to increase flexibility and support business continuity.

Flex’s global footprint and diverse supply chain network, combined with our deep expertise, allows us to partner closely with our customers to identify their regionalization goals and deliver with speed and agility.

Regionalization-Icons_Manufacture in region

Manufacture in region

We offer manufacturing at scale in more than 100 sites across 30 countries.

Our global presence and scale provides you the flexibility of sourcing components and building products in region, or rapidly shifting production to other worldwide locations as demand or regulations change.

With one of the world’s largest and most diverse supply chain networks, we can quickly respond to evolving regional, trade, and manufacturing dynamics. We work with 16,000 suppliers to source more than 1 million parts. Our scale and geographic breadth address logistical and sourcing challenges in any region across the globe.

Regionalization-Icons_Supply in region

Supply in region

We work closely with suppliers to understand how and where they source their materials. We continuously monitor and analyze supply network data, and then present that information as actionable insights so that you can respond quickly to changing dynamics and improve resiliency.

Our supplier relationship management tools are built on Ivalua, allowing us to collaborate with suppliers on full end-to-end procurement, supply chain, and quality processes. This results in faster operations and lower error rates. 

Regionalization-Icons_Fulfill in region

Fulfill in region

Our services and solutions meet the demands of most fulfillment networks in any region. Agile capabilities in B2B, B2C, D2R, and D2C meet evolving end customer requirements — while configure to order (CTO) postponement activities lower inventories, increases velocity, and ensures high fill rates to multiple channels.

  • Supply chain — A trusted, resilient, global supply chain is a critical component in bringing products to life and to your customers.
  • Manufacturing — We optimize our flexible manufacturing models to meet your time-to-market, resiliency, and end-market requirements.
  • Services — As routes to market continue to evolve, the need for a dynamic and agile global fulfillment capability has never been more important.
  • Global locations — Our 170,000 employees across 100 sites in 30 countries work together to deliver technology, supply chain, and manufacturing solutions.