Transforming digital health through connected intelligence

We partner with pharmaceutical companies and medical technology manufacturers to deliver an intelligent medical-grade platform that complies with critical security regulations, is HIPAA-compliant, and designed to support CE-marking and FDA-regulated Class I, II and III medical device and combination product requirements.

Real solutions for real-world problems

Flex digital health solutions platform equips medtech companies with intelligent manufacturing

By 2020, there will be more people over sixty-five than under five years of age. These numbers are not just interesting facts, they are the foundation for a groundbreaking trend in healthcare driving the need for innovative value-based care delivery through digital health and connected technologies.

Implementing digital health solutions means navigating a complex web of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance requirements, driving the need to find the right partner who can deliver scalable, cost-effective solutions that enable pharmaceutical and medtech companies to improve patient adherence and engagement.

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BrightInsight—an intelligent platform that integrates drug and device data for real-time insights

BrightInsight is a turnkey solution built to optimize real-world drug, device and combination products while reducing the time and cost of implementation.

  • Medical-grade and compliant with stringent healthcare quality design controls
  • A fully-managed service
  • An end-to-end connected IoT platform
  • Provides real-time intelligence and actionable insights
  • Enables customers to improve patient adherence, engagement, and outcomes

Use BrightInsight to integrate drug and device data for real-time insights


    BrightInsight enables pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to scale across products and global markets by generating and aggregating insights from connected drugs, devices and combination products onto one common platform.

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    Maximize your investment by transforming outcomes

    Investing in a digital health solution is a smart way to continuously improve your drugs, devices or combination products across multiple brands. Flex leverages deep expertise in medical technologies and the Intelligence of Things™ that enable our customers to drive increased patient adherence and engagement.


    Real-time intelligence

    • Personalized patient engagement analytics
    • Customizable analytics dashboards
    • Actionable insights enabling our customers to make proactive interventions
    • Drug adherence and fulfillment data
    • Device and network insights
    • Data-driven patient and provider communications
    • Integrated, holistic patient view across Health IT systems

    Medical-grade and secure

    • Turnkey regulatory design control and file management
    • Quality Management System and ISO 13485 certified
    • Monitored security and prevention
    • Dedicated team focused on managed regulatory and compliance services
    • Patient consent management
    • HIPAA compliant and pursuing HITRUST certification

    Scalable and turnkey

    • Modular platform architecture to support customization and scale
    • Device-agnostic platform with end-to-end integrated connectivity
    • Reduced capital cost and faster speed to market
    • Transaction and logistics management
    • Cross-industry digital expertise to future-proof and accelerate deployments

    Trusted healthcare technology leader

    • 20+ years of expertise operating in global regulated medical environments
    • Deployed 75+ regulated hardware and software medical products
    • Global leader in developing pharmaceutical connected health solutions
    • Device and manufacturer agnostic
    • Open architecture that easily integrates with 3rd-party Health IT systems and consumer engagement platforms
    • Dedicated team for managed regulatory and compliance services


    Learn how we are delivering intelligence to healthcare.

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