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Creating a more inclusive world for people with disabilities

Our diversity and inclusion programs aim to celebrate our employee’s diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives. 

“Diversity and inclusion are ingrained in the way we recruit, develop and retain talent, recognizing that every individual’s unique value is key to our success. It is with this same belief and vigor that we partner with the communities around the world to break barriers and promote change in the way we live and work with one another.” -Sharawn Connors, Global Total Rewards and Diversity VP

In recognition of the unique values we each add, Flex celebrated the second annual People with Disabilities Awareness Week at our sites worldwide. This program helped build awareness and support for people with disabilities in our workplaces and communities around the globe. 

Our impact around the world


In alignment with our sustainability cornerstones and the sixth principle of the UN Global Compact, our involvement in local activities around the world further encouraged and recognized people with disabilities. More than 17,000 employees in 41 sites worldwide participated in ~150 initiatives and community activities. Over 500 employees volunteered more than 2,300 hours to helping people with disabilities. Compared to last year, we saw a +30% increase in the number of sites that participated, growing the number of community activities to over 40%.  

15 sites in Asia participated in this worldwide event, volunteering over 930 hours to local foundations and hospitals. Our site in Skudai, Malaysia organized a community event for 150 down syndrome children and their parents. At this event, they lead exercises, games and other outdoor activities to help enhance the children’s growth and development. 

In Zhuhai, China over 4,000 employees organized and participated in a series of events, such as a Fun Day where games and performances were organized around the awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities.  

In EMEA, our employees organized 43 separate initiatives, including local hospitals visits, event organization and internal diversity training courses. The employees at our Althofen site in Austria organized a “Working Together at Flex” event where they invited people with disabilities from a nearby institution to create and build products. These items will be sold at a local Christmas Fair where all revenue will go to people with disabilities.

Our site in Milano, Italy hosted two summer camp groups for young people with disabilities from a local organization. During the four-day camp our employees assisted in and received education on the empowerment of people with disabilities.

Our employees in the Americas organized 65 activities that helped produce awareness and inclusion to people with disabilities. Our site in Jaguariuna, Brazil contributed to the build and funding of the first adapted children's park in the region. This park allows people with disabilities to experience a park without barriers regardless of age or ability. 

Sorocaba, Brazil helped raise diversity and inclusion awareness by organizing a series of employee engagement programs. Over 2,000 employees participated in workshops, management training and a sensory challenge where employees were asked to perform activities while deprived hearing, seeing or other senses. This practice gave the employees the opportunity to experience the barriers and difficulties that people with disabilities face.

Spreading diversity and inclusion through action


The activities carried out by these sites are only a portion of the total, but they showcase how through employee action, we made a positive impact on a global scale and affirmed our commitment to diversity and inclusion. As we remain focused on achieving our Flex 20 by 2020 goals, we look forward to continued, collective efforts towards the highest standards around people, community, environment, innovation, and integrity. 


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