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Flex’s net zero greenhouse gas emissions commitment

Deploying renewable energy installations and procuring renewable energy, globally

We recognize the importance of not only reducing energy usage but investing in cleaner energy sources to help reduce emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change. We’ve mobilized renewable energy projects across Flex operations globally and continue to strategize and further increase our renewable energy capacity at manufacturing sites.

Two flex employees walking in front of solar panels on a green lawn

Reaching net zero demands collaboration, not competition

Flex cannot reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions alone. Reducing scope 3 emissions, or indirect emissions, requires partnerships across the value chain. Our 2030 sustainability goals reflect commitments to reducing customer and supplier emissions, providing the opportunity for deeper collaboration as we progress along our integrated sustainability journeys together.

Partnering with customers to reach net zero

Taking an ecosystem approach to value chain emissions, Flex partners with a set of customers, based on emissions, to share lessons learned and scale best practices to help brands navigate the complexities of setting emissions reduction targets.

Flex employee holding a piece of recycled plastic as part of our circular economy solutions

We leverage frameworks such as the Task Force in Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) to share knowledge and progress along our sustainability journey as we work towards our goal of 70 percent of customers setting science-based targets by 2025.

We help customers reduce certain categories of scope 3 emissions through our circular economy solutions. Identifying circular opportunities in a product’s lifecycle can help reduce a product’s environmental impact and maximize value recovery. We also leverage our proprietary environmental impact calculator, Flex ECO2™, to assist customers in measuring, reporting, and achieving our climate goals.

Partnering with suppliers to reach net zero

Our trusted supply chain partners are critical to building and delivering products for our customers that make a positive impact. Our supplier sustainability program is dedicated ensuring our suppliers share our sustainability goals and ethical values. Flex’s Supplier Greenhouse Gas Reduction Program is part of our broader supplier sustainability program. Through this emissions reduction initiative, we partner with preferred suppliers — sharing customized communications, trainings, and resources developed in partnership with CDP — to help us achieve our science-based targets together.

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Flex also launched a Renewable Energy Program as part of the Supplier Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Program in 2022, which helps preferred suppliers in their annual energy disclosure. The program consists of a series of trainings, a data collection phase, assistance on disclosure with one-on-ones available, and follow up invitations to participate year over year.

We continue to evolve our programming to improve our partnership with suppliers and reach our goal that 50 percent of our preferred suppliers will set GHG emission reduction targets by 2025, and 100 percent of preferred suppliers will do the same by 2030.

Sustainability - Reports and Disclosures

To view Flex’s latest progress on our net zero strategy, see our reports and disclosures.