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Our sustainability goals and performance

Foreword to stakeholders

To our customers, investors, suppliers, and employees, thank you for your partnership as we pursue a cleaner, healthier future and more sustainable world, together. We invite you to explore how we’re leveraging decades of sustainability investment and experience to tackle broader environmental and social challenges, keep employees at the heart of our operations, and continue driving long-term value for stakeholders.

Our 2030 strategy and goals

To help make our vision a reality, we’re working toward our most ambitious sustainability goals through 2030, which focus on:

  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Investing in our communities
  • Advancing a safe, inclusive, and respectful work environment for all
  • Partnering with our customers and suppliers to help mitigate value chain emissions
  • Driving ethical and ESG-focused practices with strong transparency

Explore our specific goals, including our commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, centered on our worldour people, and our approach to business practices.

Ratings and rankings

Flex Sustainability rankings table 2024