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The demand for advanced medical solutions is exploding. An aging population, increased healthcare spending and expanded focus on value-based care is disrupting one of the largest markets in the world. New technology solutions promise to improve compliance, streamline care and improve outcomes.   Watch Video


Your health solutions partner

With 20,000 design and engineers worldwide, Flex offers the world’s most advanced manufacturing and an exclusive validated global supply chain network. Accelerate growth at unprecedented speed and scale.


Leveraging deep cross-industry expertise, our innovative Sketch-to-Scale® platform can be accessed across the product lifecycle, providing actionable support and creative insight every step of the way.


From an exclusive pre-validated innovation ecosystem to expert product development and commercialization strategies, Flex partners with companies at any stage to help solve challenges that improve quality of life and advance healthcare in unimaginable ways.



Medical Diagnostics Equipment: DNA sequencing to Imaging & Monitoring devices.

Revolutionizing healthcare one product at a time

Flex delivers:



The energy of new ideas and access to advanced technology supercharges a faster path to results. A proven network of medical design and engineering talent provides the creative firepower to develop the visionary products and services the world markets demand. The Flex acquisition of Farm delivers award-winning medical expertise in human factors, industrial design and advanced engineering to meet the needs of our clients. The addition of Farm aligns with our Sketch-to-Scale capabilities and expertise in healthcare.


Flex Sketch-to-Scale platform bring products such as wearapeutics, drug delivery systems and more fast to market.

Flex offers dedication and the experience, capacity, and growth to succeed



Flex provides a world of validated services and technologies creating flexible manufacturing ecosystems and scalability with minimal capital expenditures. Cost structures are realigned from fixed to the variable while operations are simplified.


Flawless Execution

Dedication to quality assurance guides every decision. Leveraging a proven, validated, global quality system and trusted real-time supply chain intelligence, Flex brings the most complex and challenging products to life by adhering to rigorous quality standards.

Flex Health Solutions Areas of Focus

Medical Devices

From hospital monitors to advanced surgical equipment, Flex will help you build the tools you need. From small consumables, such as syringes and surgical tubing, to complex respiratory monitoring equipment, our expertise in medical design, validation, process engineering, manufacturing and precision plastics, provides our customers with an unparalleled strategic advantage to compete in the medical industry with scale, scope and speed.


Medical devices from syringes, surgical tubing to respiratory monitoring equipment.

85% of the top medical device manufacturers work with Flex



Drug Delivery

Biologics manufacturers rely on Flex as a partner for breakthrough solutions. In partnership with many of the leading pharmaceutical companies, Flex designs, manufactures and commercializes key innovative drug delivery solutions. From pens and autoinjectors to pumps and inhalers, Flex innovates with our partners to provide end-to-end solutions to the most difficult drug delivery challenges.


Work with Flex to launch your diagnostic devices and medical equipment

Changing lives through technology design and development


Diagnostic and Medical Equipment

Flex enables the design and development of the advanced machinery that is changing lives. Our global facilities specialize in the high-mix, low-volume demands of complex medical diagnostics and equipment, from DNA sequencing to diagnostic imaging and monitoring devices. Our team of experts collaborates with our partners across every discipline— including research and development, supply chain, product management, manufacturing and commodity management—helping customers manage complexity without compromising on quality.


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Working together to deliver health solutions that are changing the world

Flex leverages deep-rooted intelligence from a wide range of industries—from co-innovation to resource reallocation—to speed time-to-market at any stage of your product’s lifecycle.


Flex provides the world’s top printed electronics and flexible printed circuit capabilities. Flex also creates flexible electronics that facilitate wireless connectivity, conformability, power management and monitoring. Those characteristics are essential to connected health functionality. Flex continues to grow its capabilities with the addition of Precision Plastics Solutions expertise, which is essential to fulfilling the needs of our customers. Precision Plastics Solutions consist of Flex capabilities and facilities around the world including Flex subsidiary companies (Irumold, TechMold and Sonderborg Værktøjsfabrik) that serve a variety of markets with a focus on medical. The Precision Plastics Solutions capabilities offer high-precision tooling, low- and high-volume plastic injection molding, assembly and packaging to provide solutions to our customers and enhance vertical integration capabilities within our medical business. Flex also has the Maetta™ system, a proprietary manufacturing platform based on metal injection molding. The Maetta™ system enables high-fidelity prototyping and scalable production capabilities of complex metallic parts, such as orthopedic, cardiac and trauma instruments and implants.


As your partner in developing tomorrow’s most vital medical devices and health solutions, Flex brings business intelligence to ideation, manufacturing confidence to the creation and flawless execution to compliance. Explore our global locations


Wearapeutics, wearable medical devices such as pens, auto injectors or inhalers.

#1 In medical device supply chain solutions


Transformation is happening now

In our highly competitive world where flawless execution is the mandate and velocity is the difference between being first to market or forgotten, retaining the status quo is not an option.


Together, we will change the world.


Sketch to scale platform enables integration of microelectronics and nanotechnology systems for ICDs, pacemakers, neurostimulators, sleep apnea implantables, and more…

Flex has 30+ years industry expertise


Contact us to discover how you can partner with Flex to grow your business, innovate, manage risk and maximize ROI in a fast-changing marketplace.


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