Diversity and Inclusion 

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Diversity at Flex

At Flex, our competitive edge as a Sketch-to-Scale® company lies in the diversity of its 200K employees spread across 30 over countries. Our employees bring diverse backgrounds, skills, experiences, and perspectives to conceptualize, build and market best-in-class products and solutions for our customers.  Diversity and inclusion are ingrained in the way we recruit, develop and retain talent, recognizing that every individual’s unique value is key to Flex’s success. It is with this same belief and vigor that we partner with the communities around the world to break barriers and promote change in the way we live and work with one another.  

Employee Resource Groups

women at Flex

Women in Flex

Women in Flex is committed to enhancing gender equality and balance in the organization and the communities in which Flex operates. The group brings a global network of women of diverse cultures, skills and roles to continue nurturing an inclusive work environment where women have equal access to grow and thrive in their career. While simultaneously engaging with local experts and communities to empower women to improve their lives and instill passion in girls and young women to pursue STEM education and careers.

people with disabilities

People with Disabilities (PwD)

PwD in Flex is being established to create a more inclusive and conducive workplace for our employees with disabilities. The group will focus on raising disability awareness, improving access in the workplace for greater mobility and independence of disabled employees and supporting their Learning & Development activities and career advancement.

Coming soon in 2018