Designing intelligent products with sustainability in mind


In today’s connected world, innovation powers the Intelligence of Things®, an evolving ecosystem of smart, connected devices, machines and systems that interact to help make our lives more efficient, healthier, safer and more dynamic.

We provide technology-focused solutions that improve the manufacturing process and product quality while providing a sustainable, ergonomically safe environment for our associates. Our goal is to be the industry leader in manufacturing and process technology while offering support and services through best-in-class engineering solutions.


Key Achievements
2017 Report

Top 50

Flex Named One of Top 50 Innovators: We’re honored to be named by Smart Industry as one of the top 50 innovators that have made an impact in IoT, Industry 4.0, cloud computing and big data analytics.



Expanded portfolio of intellectual property: 187 applications, 237 issued patents company-wide, 61 percent more than in 2015.


12 Hours

Hosted seven teams at Flex Innovation Hackathon, where participants created fully functional wearables in only twelve hours.





We create innovative processes and advanced engineering solutions while reducing waste. We’re an industry leader in advanced electro-mechanical technology-based, value-added assembly services and process development. We’re focused on creating Industry 4.0 through Intelligence of Things®, automation and smart factory development. Engineers maximize efficiency to design, develop and deliver products with sustainability in mind.

We’re developing automated processes that reduce the number of repetitive and physical activities performed by employees. Not only does automation help prevent injuries, they also help reduce waste by making fewer errors during the assembly process.

Active Community Involvement

Flex Advanced Engineering continues to support corporate social responsibility through technology leadership in the Milpitas and San Jose, California community. Members provide high school students with mentorship and guidance on new wearable technology projects and future engineering careers. This mentoring and technology effort fosters new idea creation, design concepts, materials and manufacturing strategies, career opportunities and insight for our next-generation youth.

Energy Solutions
NEXTracker, a Flex Company, designs, manufactures, builds and services the world’s most advanced single-axis solar trackers for power plants of the future. Smart, connected tracking solutions enable power plants of all sizes to maximize energy output.

Lighting Solutions
Business Flex Lighting Solutions helps businesses and property owners provide superior quality and highly energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for smarter, more efficient commercial and industrial facilities.

Health Solutions
The Flex acquisition of Farm delivers award-winning medical expertise in human factors, industrial design and advanced. The addition of Farm aligns with our Sketch-to-Scale capabilities and expertise in healthcare.

Flex Advanced Engineering’s ongoing research and development in wearable technology has resulted in antibacterial clothing improvements. This technology can be integrated into fabrics in hospitals, restaurants and homes and reduce the spread of diseases.


Design and Manufacturing Innovation