Propel your innovation with high-efficiency and cost-effective power supply solutions

Today’s communications and networking devices require power supplies that include digital control, low standby power and a high level of component integration for maximum efficiency. With Flex Sketch-to-Scale® solutions, you can optimize the performance of your power supply solutions for distributed power architectures by collaborating with Flex early in the design process to create products that meet time-critical or cost-sensitive needs.

From custom to highly scalable system solutions

We have dedicated Design Centers with specialized engineering teams that focus on cloud industries including server, storage and networking. Our custom product solutions are developed to exceed market needs for availability, efficiency, power density, cost and performance. Our engineers collaborate early with customers to develop their next-generation Distributed Power Architectures (DPA) in a smart, effective process.

In addition to custom solutions, we also design and manufacture scalable power supply solutions that improve the operational efficiencies of advanced data center, IT information and communications networks. Flex Coldwatt® products provide a complete on-board system solution for cloud, storage and server applications. Coldwatt® products address customer challenges while delivering superior quality, cost, performance and support at scale.

Power supply solutions

We can help you design, build and deliver cutting-edge power supply products that meet your efficiency, density, and environmental requirements. Flex power supply solutions include:

Explore Flex's wide range of power supply capabilities

Flex develops power supply components for desktop and workstation computing


Desktop and workstation

Take advantage of Flex IP in power supply technologies for PSUs for PCs and workstations that maximize efficiency.

Flex offers cloud and server storage power supply solutions


Cloud server and storage

Keep the world’s data centers and base stations running smoothly and reliably with high-efficiency, integrated digital power supply systems, which feature integrated magnetic technology, black box recorder capabilities and proprietary firmware.


Flex produces power solutions for chargers and adapters


Chargers and adapters

Leverage our deep experience in designing customized chargers and adapters. Meet your size, efficiency standby power and component count requirements. We design and build chargers using 1mW technology for standby, quasi-resonant technology for size and efficiency and thermal management of packaging and size for mobile phones, tablets and other connected devices. Our automation equipment is optimized to support the development of high-volume adapters for notebook PCs and consumer electronic products.

Flex Coldwatt® power supply solutions utilize cutting edge technology


Flex Power Modules

Utilize the cutting edge of technology for Advanced Bus Converters and Point of Load (PoL) Converters. Flex Power Modules delivers industry-leading digital board power system solutions. Our products include the highest power delivery in the industry for a quarter-brick advanced bus converter. This reduces the number of modules in high-power applications, and is the only advanced bus converter available today that offers active- or droop-current sharing. Other key features include Dynamic Load Compensation (DLC), snapshot parameter capture, and compatibility with the latest PMBus v1.3 interface.

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Partner with the industry leader in power supply capabilities

If you’re launching an industry-disrupting product that requires a high-efficiency and cost-effective power supply solution, we’re ready to help you optimize the performance of your solution.

Early engagement: Improve your product design and speed to market at scale

Agility and flexibility: Quickly mix and match readily available power modules and power supplies to design an optimal DPA

Future proof: Long-term relationship and collaboration with Flex engineers drives future innovation built on technology and cross-industry expertise


Flex offers unrivalled expertise

Unrivaled expertise

  • A global company at the forefront of technology
  • Approx. 200,000 employees, 100+ sites, 30 countries
  • Flex is the industry’s only Sketch-to-Scale™ solutions provider that designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes products globally

Flex has a long history of delivering best-in-class power supply technology

A history of innovation

  • Developed industry-leading Titanium+ efficiency for the console gaming market
  • Integrated Battery Backup (BBU) into power supply for major cloud service provider
  • Shipped first charger for smartphone leader
  • Shipped over 1 billion chargers

Flex is passionately committed to delivering superior quality

Passionate commitment to quality

  • Quality management system: ISO9001:2008, IECQ QC 080000
  • Environmental health and safety management system: ISO14001, OHSAS18000

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