Power your next innovation with highly efficient, cost-effective power supply technology


Today’s technology innovations require power supply solutions that feature digital control, low standby power, a high level of component integration and fast, reliable charging. If your next industry-disrupting product requires a highly efficient power supply at a competitive price, turn to the leader in the design and manufacturing of power supply solutions.

Flex operates four power supply manufacturing sites plus multiple technology and design centers, employs 400 power supply design engineers and holds more than 140 patents in cutting-edge power technologies. With some of the biggest brands in the world as customers, Flex has delivered power supply products to a wide range of markets, including consumer and retail equipment, computer and office equipment and networking and telecommunications equipment.

Flex powers industry leaders, with accomplishments including:

  • Developed industry-leading Titanium+ efficiency for the gaming market
  • Integrated Battery Backup (BBU) into power supply for major cloud service provider
  • Shipped first charger for smartphone leader
  • Shipped over 1 billion chargers

Flex operates four power supply manufacturing sites plus multiple technology and design centers, 

Meet your customers’ needs with power supply solutions

Partner with Flex to design, build and deliver cutting-edge power supply products that meet your efficiency, density, and environmental requirements. 

Flex offers in power supply technologies for PCs and workstations

Desktop and workstation power supply products

Take advantage of Flex’s IP in power supply technologies for PCs and workstations to maximize efficiency and eliminate the need for standby circuitry.

Flex holds more than 140 patents in cutting-edge power technologies

Server and storage power supply products

Keep the world’s data centers running efficiently and reliably with high-efficiency, integrated digital power supply systems that feature integrated magnetic technology, black box recorder capabilities, and proprietary firmware.

Power supply products

Optimize the efficiency of your next innovation with Flex’s expertise in designing power supplies with low standby power (1 mW technology), smart power solutions with digital controls and high-density packaging technology using integrated magnetics.

Chargers and adapters

Leverage Flex’s deep experience designing customized chargers and adapters to meet your size, efficiency standby power and component count requirements. Flex designs and builds chargers using 1mW technology for standby, quasi-resonant technology for size and efficiency and thermal management for packaging and size. High volume adapters are optimized for manufacture on Flex’s automation equipment.

Power supply portfolio

Flex delivers a wide range of power solutions to industry leaders:

  • Chargers (1w–20w) for mobile phones, tablets, and IoT devices.
  • Adapters for notebook PCs and consumer electronic products
  • Desktop PSUs for PCs and workstations
  • Server, Storage and Network PSUs for data centers and base stations

Speed time to market with a manufacturing leader

With a dedicated team of program management professionals supporting your production requirements, you can rely on Flex to get your solution to market fast. Flex applies best practices in vertically integrated supply chain solutions for injection molding and has developed highly efficient new product introduction processes along with cross-functional teams to support new product qualification and launch. Factory process engineers collaborate with an extensive team of Flex automation experts, resulting in high-quality manufacturing.

A passionate commitment to quality

In a tightly regulated and dynamic industry, you need a partner that can ensure full regulatory and certification compliance with world-class quality management systems. Flex maintains the highest quality in manufacturing through continuous process improvement and a zero defect culture.

Contact us to learn how you can partner with Flex to bring innovative, advanced power supply technologies to market ahead of your competitors.

Flex’s quality system certifications

  • Quality management system: ISO9001:2008, IECQ QC 080000
  • Environmental health and safety management system: ISO14001, OHSAS18000