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Businesses around the world are embracing the cost and quality benefits of industrial LED lighting. It is forecasted to reach 70% total market share by 2020. Flex Lighting Solutions (FLS) helps businesses and property owners provide superior quality and highly energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for smarter, more efficient commercial and industrial facilities.

An LED Revolution

FLS is leading the LED lighting revolution in high bay lighting applications. As the costs of electricity and maintenance continue to rise, customers are increasingly aware of the impact of energy efficient lighting solutions to their bottom line. Our portfolio of LED high bay fixtures leads the market in efficacy and long life, providing the lowest total cost of ownership for facility owners and operators compared to older HID and fluorescent lighting options.


Flex delivers high quality LED lighting for industrial facilities


Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities need high-quality lighting to keep workers safe and factories productive. FLS helps industrial facilities improve work environments with energy-efficient and superior quality LED lighting solutions. Legacy light sources have poor lumen maintenance, which causes light output to diminish by as much as 30% in the first 10,000 hours of operation. Our Essentials Performance Series high bays lose only 5% of light output in the first 60,000 hours, assuring high-quality light levels and significantly reduced maintenance costs. With lumen output ranging from 6,500 to 65,000 lumens, Flex can replace existing fixtures up to 1000 watts.





Flex has lighting solutions for food and beverage processing and storage facilities

Food & Beverage Processing and Storage

The food and beverage industry is held to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Standards set by National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF) require food and beverage processing equipment, including lighting, to withstand close-range high-pressure washdown processes which prevent contamination. Flex Lighting helps create a safe and sanitary environment with IP69K rated LED high bay fixtures designed specifically for food processing and hazardous location environments.

Flex lighting solutions deliver reduced energy costs


Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Facility owners and managers at warehouses and distribution centers are faced with the pressure of reducing energy and operating costs while maximizing productivity. In warehouses and distribution centers, lighting can account for more than half of the electricity used. Flex helps facility owners and managers dramatically reduce energy costs by up to 80%, improve light quality, and lower total cost of ownership with our portfolio of highly energy-efficient LED high bays. Our Essentials Aisle Lighters feature a custom optical design that provides bright vertical illumination on packages and labels, which reduces picking errors and increases productivity.


Flex delivers indoor lighting solutions for sports facilities like arenas and gyms


Indoor Sports Facilities

The quality of light is critical for indoor sports facilities. Flex Lighting Solutions LED high bays to feature a rugged design with high-quality light, which makes them perfect for athletic applications, including gymnasiums, ice rinks, and soccer fields. A brief power outage at a facility with metal halide lighting can delay a game up to 15 minutes before the metal halide lights can turn back on. The instant-on feature of LED lighting brings the light back right away. Flex has upgraded several gymnasiums, ice rinks and indoor soccer fields around the country.

LED Lighting Solutions


High Bay LED Luminaires Essentials Series 4.0

High Bay LED Luminaires


Watertight LED Luminaires Hosedown Series 2.0

Watertight LED Luminaires


High Bay LED Luminaires Classic Series

High Bay LED Luminaires

Linear LED Luminaires Linear Series 2.0

Linear LED Luminaires

How to Buy

Flex Lighting Solutions sells its commercial LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, and warehouse LED lighting products through professional lighting manufacturer representatives and distributors across the globe. If you need assistance with a purchase, please contact us or visit Where to Buy to find lighting manufacturer representatives in your area.

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