Increasing demand for renewable technologies and advances in energy management are driving a revolution in the energy industry. Flex helps customers thrive in the changing market by providing services and technologies to design and deploy smarter, more efficient transmission, distribution, storage, and power-generation equipment.

Power the future

Flex has extensive experience helping customers develop cutting-edge equipment and software that underpin the energy technologies of the future. Flex offers Sketch-to-Scale® solutions designed to help meet tight product launch deadlines and manage costs efficiently. Our cross-industry visibility helps drive innovations in renewable energy and energy storage and management technologies, from smart meters that transmit usage data, to smart grids that respond to shifts in energy loads and increase overall efficiency.












Fluidity in a complex world

The renewable-and-efficiency revolution is creating a new energy ecosystem of generation, management, and storage technologies. As new emissions standards debut and the world moves more toward renewable energy, Flex helps customers stay competitive. Our customized design and value manufacturing solutions help build smarter, more energy-efficient equipment. And our integrated supply chain solutions help customers meet regional standards, navigate tax and tariff requirements, and manage logistical challenges.


Energy storage

The grid-connected energy storage market is growing exponentially, but fragmented technologies and supply chains are resulting in high costs. Flex delivers design and engineering optimization, assembly, market entry, and commercialization services allowing our partners to devote more resources to research and product development.


Flex helps energy equipment manufacturers develop smarter, more efficient products.


Generation, transmission, and distribution

By integrating a broad set of prequalified core technologies such as sensing, monitoring, and automation control, Flex helps energy equipment manufacturers develop smarter, more efficient products. Our ability to apply technology developments from other industries allows us to deliver leading-edge solutions and create efficiencies that enable our customers to invest in other parts of their business.

Alternative energy

As cleaner, smarter technologies emerge, the demand for solar, wind and fuel-cell technologies continue to rise. Flex Sketch-to-Scale® solutions are helping clean-tech pioneers build products and services that are shaping a more sustainable future—and delivering them to market, fast.


NEXTracker, offers the highest performing and best quality products for PV systems, solar-plus-storage and stand-alone energy storage needs. NX Horizon™ is the most advanced single-axis tracker yet and has been deployed across gigawatts of projects worldwide. NEXTracker Energy Storage Solutions—NX Drive™ and NX Flow™ —provide customers with configurable and intelligent systems for a wide variety of storage applications, to enhance their return on investment and bring their power plants into the future.



Sketch to scale platform help NEXTracker to get their products faster to market.



From LED lighting to smart meters and charging stations, Flex offers design, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions that are powering smarter, more efficient consumer and commercial energy solutions.



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