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Earth day: celebrating a smarter, more sustainable future

On April 22nd, people around the world will engage in acts of environmental awareness and improvement: cleaning up parks and beaches, planting trees, reducing the use of plastics and raising awareness about climate change and environmental degradation. This Earth Day, we celebrate the impact of innovation in facilitating a smarter, more sustainable future. We are thrilled to have been recently honored with a 2018 Manufacturing Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan for outstanding achievement in sustainability leadership.

Our Flex 20 by 2020 sustainable development goals capture this sense of purpose. For the second consecutive year, we are on track to achieve those goals, including powering the equivalent of 3.5 million homes through solar panels and trackers designed and built by Flex. In fact, we’ve already powered 1.9 million homes and exceeded our goal of decreasing the cost of renewable energy provided to the grid.

“Flex is continuously driven to improve and expand the adoption of clean energy in service of creating a smarter, more sustainable future,” said Scott Graybeal, SVP of Energy Solutions at Flex. “We offer a wide range of solutions, encompassing smart energy meters, solar solutions, electric vehicle charging stations, and efficient LED lighting solutions. This Earth Day, we celebrate the power of technology in facilitating the efficient production, consumption and storage of energy.”

Maximizing the power of the sun


We are working to harness our biggest renewable energy source – the sun. We operate over 900 megawatts of solar manufacturing capacity worldwide; that’s enough to power 180,000 homes in the US.

We have designed and built over 23,000 residential solar systems and 20 megawatts of commercial projects in Australia. We are a founding signatory to the Australia Clean Energy Council’s Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, requiring solar companies to follow industry best practices and raise the bar of service standards. 

Driving the transformation to renewable energy


NEXTracker, a Flex company, is helping fuel the renewable energy transformation by designing and building some of the most advanced solar trackers and energy storage systems in the industry. Giga-watt hours of sun-kissed energy are generated by the NX Horizon trackers and stored by NX Drive and NX Flow storage systems.

NEXTracker’s intelligent solution becomes even smarter through tools like True Capture, a self-adjusting tracker control system, employing machine learning and data analytics to boost performance and maximize the returns on customer investments.

“NEXTracker is thrilled to be a driver of clean energy into the mainstream, by scaling solar solutions with a parent company that shares our values and belief in a double bottom line,” said NEXTracker CEO Dan Shugar.

SmartNexus by Flex is a scalable, end-to-end IoT platform designed to deliver real-time data for valuable insights. SmartNexus provides a cyber-secure bidirectional pipeline to deliver data to and from the trackers through the Internet, adding a critical layer to intelligent energy solutions.

Measuring impact: 4 ways to measure NEXTracker systems


  • 2,281,000+: the equivalent of U.S. homes powered by the clean energy NEXTracker solar trackers create following the sun.
  • 15,275,600+ tons: the amount of climate-harming carbon dioxide emissions that have not been spewed into the atmosphere because NEXTracker systems were deployed instead of dirty fossil-fuel-based power plants.
  • 6,110,000+: the number of trees that would be planted by all that CO2 not being produced.
  • 3,137,500: number of cars that have been “removed” from the road due to NEXTracker’s 12 GW of solar trackers.


Lighting the way, efficiently


We produce some of the world’s most efficient LED lighting systems for commercial and industrial applications worldwide.  Combined with intelligent sensors and controls, customers often reduce their electrical load for lighting by 80% or more, as compared to traditional sources of light.

In fact, most projects pay back the cost of the lights and installation in under two years, making the upgrade to LED one of the easiest energy efficiency upgrades a company can make.  We have installed close to 110,000 lights in our own facilities, saving over 75,000,000 kWh of electricity per year. This global project helps us reduce CO2e emissions by around 56,000 tons per year.    

Powering smart cities

We are partnering with companies all over the world to help make cities safer, cleaner and better places to live. We enable city planners, architects and visionaries to execute a future in which homes are fueled by a sustainable energy grid; smart meters regulate and optimize the consumption of energy and the city’s infrastructure accommodates powering an increasing number of electric vehicles.

We manufacture Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations in support of the 530 million electric vehicles projected to be on the road by 2040, according to Bloomberg. Morgan Stanley analysts predict that more electric vehicles will be sold in 2040 than gas-powered cars, ultimately displacing up to 8 million barrels of transportation fuel per day.

Smart cities powered by sustainable energy

Our mission isn’t just to run a profitable business, but to be good corporate citizens, to be engaged in our communities and to do things in a climate-conscious, environmentally friendly manner. We are committed to turning the tide against climate change and embracing clean energy economic opportunities. On Earth Day and every other day, we celebrate innovation in service of helping the planet live, work and play smarter.

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