LED Lighting

Users around the world are embracing the cost and quality benefits of LED lighting versus traditional lighting. Industry adoption of LED technology is forecasted to reach 70% of the total market by 2020.


Smart control and connectivity solutions are changing the landscape of today’s lighting industry. As technologies and industries converge, lighting presents new opportunities for creating recurrent revenue streams. The ability to capture, store, analyze and monetize data provides valuable insights for advancements in service-based business models.

Flex lighting expertise, coupled with our Sketch-to-Scale capabilities and insight across many converging industries, enables us to partner with you to develop hardware, software and service solutions.




In the Age of Intelligence™, big ideas often come with big unknowns. We co-innovate with you to vet, conceptualize and test your ideas. We help you move your innovation with Sketch-to-Scale® solutions, so you can move the world.

Connectivity is a powerful disruption to the lighting industry. Partnering with Flex serves as an extension of your own capabilities, providing a sustainable platform of design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics, to give you a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

Build to Print

Bring your designs to life with our world-class, modern manufacturing capabilities to increase manufacturing efficiency and streamline supply chain management. Our global footprint can bring the production of your lighting products in-region to serve local markets, reducing lead times and offering cost-efficient late configuration; including CCT variants, sensor and control integration, and emergency backup.

Our global presence enables ease of expansion into new or adjacent regions, coupled with rapid scalability to cope with increasing demands in an ever-changing marketplace.

Light Source

Flex LED lighting capabilities include light sources



  • In-region light engine design and build, from basic LED’s on a board through fully integrated driver and connectivity on-board solutions

  • Production closer to your end market to streamline your supply chain and mitigate lead-time and inventory challenges

  • Global footprint of 1,200+ high speed SMT lines that encompass long board, double sided and high-density capabilities

  • Worldwide leader in production process control and a quality assurance system



Sensors, Controls & Connectivity

Flex LED lighting capabilities include sensors, controls and connectivity



  • Cross-industry expertise enables rapid integration of connectivity solutions into existing products

  • Sketch-to-Scale solutions: Devices, connectivity, data management and applications

  • Orchestration of service delivery provided by platform providers, system integrators, cloud vendors, service providers, consultants and analytics firms

  • Viable alternative to working with multiple vendors for your intelligent lighting solutions

Power Source-LED Driver

Flex LED lighting capabilities include power source-LED drivers



  • In-house engineers with LED driver design experience to support current and future LED driver requirements

  • Various LED driver platforms, from simple, low cost/low power drivers to high power complex architecture

  • Integration of all forms of control and connectivity solutions for lighting including: ZigBee, Z-Wave, BLE, Dali, 1-10v and the vast selection of new low power, long range connectivity platforms

  • Enable solution design to address performance, lifetime and form factor constraints, as well as specialty applications, such as emergency lighting and driver on board





Flex LED lighting capabilities include luminaire design and manufacturing around the world



  • Luminaire design and manufacturing facilities around the globe

  • Mechanical, optical and thermal, as well as controls and connectivity platforms integration capabilities

  • Flex-developed Luminaire platforms to speed time to market and lower risk entering new applications, markets or geographies



Enabling new business models to adapt in a changing world

In a time of converging industries, the ability to adapt is a factor critical to business success. Flex has expertise in enabling partners to free up working capital through the divestiture of assets and consolidation of sites. Flex can assume the management of existing partner sites to transfer knowledge prior to consolidation of manufacturing locations.

Improve visibility, velocity and sustainability with our supply chain solutions

Today’s global supply chain is highly connected and complex, demanding an efficient logistics network to move smoothly from design, through development, to delivery—and beyond.




Flex provides supply chain, distribution and logistics for product development and fulfillment across a network of industries, suppliers and distribution partners around the world. We provide sustaining engineering through product end of life. And we also deliver forward and reverse logistics including vendor managed inventory, fulfillment, product configuration and repair. The result is improved visibility with less waste and overhead and a more stable, balanced supply chain, responsive to constantly changing market demands.

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