Cloud Solutions and Flexible Data Center Technologies for a Connected World



In a hyper-connected world, your ability to innovate is no longer limited to the center of the network. 5G promises faster speed, more reliable connections and greater computing power at the edge of the network.
That means fewer geographic limitations and more opportunities to collaborate. Reliable cloud solutions and flexible data center infrastructure provide the converged infrastructure, scalability and openness you need for a data-driven future.  

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Flex provides the local expertise and global breadth of capabilities you need to mitigate risk and drive innovation when launching your product.

Data Center Compute and Storage

Data localization laws regulating the storage and transmission of data mean the location of your data centers are now more important than ever. Increased workloads from applications like data analytics require greater processing power. Tap into our global network and access to the latest compute technologies to scale your cloud solutions and data center infrastructure all around the world.

Flex offers expertise across industries and emerging technologies.

Data Center Networking

You want a partner who can anticipate your needs, with advances in data center technology ready to deploy before you need them.

Our targeted portfolio of reference designs can help streamline the design of your product and reduce your time to market.

Flex offers supply chain design and logistics services to optimize movement of material and finished goods

Edge Computing

The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI), video and graphical processing units (GPUs) is putting more demand on edge computing. Realize the full potential of the data you collect with smarter algorithms, and leverage the power of the cloud to support voice, data and video communications. As pioneers in designing for edge environments, we also offer highly efficient platforms for building and operating edge data centers.

Flex offers expertise across industries and emerging technologies.

Data Center Infrastructure

Our cloud solutions and operations are built to be scalable whether you need a fully custom-design solution, or one based on an existing reference platform.

You’ll get the customization you need and reduce your time to market with our agile configure-to-order and build-to-order processes.



                                  Flex supply chain management - advanced simulation and analysis tool

Partner with Us Anywhere in the World

Leverage our reach across 30 countries to confidently deploy all over the world and seamlessly expand your global data center capacity. We help you take the guesswork out of implementing changes to your regional operations and across your supply chain. Minimize the impact of regulatory or financial costs on cross-border product movements with our unique knowledge of tax and trade, purchasing power and ability to manufacture and deliver globally.




Focus on Your Core Competency

Free up resources for creating value for your customers, and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether you need joint design manufacturing (JDM), system integration or large-scale manufacturing, we’re here for you. Our Sketch-to-Scale® solutions can support everything from the design of your product, through its manufacturing and system integration, and all the way to its delivery. Offer value-add services to your customers with expert supply chain management solutions, and forward and reverse logistics support.

                                  Supply chain -active tracking of your supply chain networks at the Pulse center

Innovate without Investing Your Resources

Advance your capabilities cost-effectively with a partner who invests in innovative technologies, processes and people. We research and develop leading-edge cloud solutions technologies, so you can focus your resources, capital and time on your core competency.


Speed Your Time to Market

You need a partner with speed, scope and scale across a broad range of technologies to deploy your cloud solutions quickly. Tap into our decades of manufacturing and supply chain experience to bring your new products and large-scale data centers to market faster, securely and with minimized risk.


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