Flex 20 by 2020



Flex is leading the way in the development of pioneering technologies, advanced manufacturing and global citizenship.

Flex - Live Smarter™

We want to help build a smarter world - not just with what we design, engineer and build, but also with how we design, engineer and build products. We are technological and social innovators, and focus on creating practices and standards that actively improve the world in all the communities where Flex operates.

Flex has established 20 goals targeted for 2020 that reflect our commitment to the highest standards around People, Community and Environment. Innovation and Integrity are core elements of our leadership, and as good corporate citizens, we ensure that this is reflected in our supply chain.

Our goals

Every day we strive to lift the human spirit.

Increase the average training reach to employees by 5 percent year over year (Base year 2016).
Audit 100 percent of all Flex manufacturing sites to ensure regulatory and Flex Pledge compliance.
Train new employees on Flex human rights policy, with a 95 percent or higher completion rate.
Ensure full compliance with EICC rest day requirements.
Promote a zero injury culture and achieve a reduction in the global incident rate of at least 10 percent (Base year 2015).
Our goals

We work with the communities surrounding our sites to advance the human condition.

Increase global volunteer hours by 15 percent (Base year 2015).
Maintain percentage of sites with implemented local community engagement activities at 90 percent or higher.
Improve the technical and vocational skills of manufacturing employees by partnering with an NGO to develop a Worker Empowerment Training Program at 20 supplier sites.
Partner with nonprofit organizations to provide life-long learning, technical and vocational skills and innovation and entrepreneurship at 100 percent of our sites that have an employee population of over 5,000.
Our goals

We are committed to safeguarding the environment.

Reduce CO2 emissions by at least 10 percent normalized to revenue (Base year 2016).
Increase the utilization of renewable energy by deploying a minimum of two megawatts of solar power annually and/or procuring the same amount of power from third party renewable sources.
Reduce overall water consumption by at least 10 percent absolute (Base year 2015).
Increase recycled water rate to 10 percent (Base year 2015).
Achieve and maintain a diversion rate of waste from manufacturing processes at or above 95 percent.
Flex Energy Solutions will have manufactured enough solar PV modules and solar trackers to power 3.5 million homes.
Flex Energy Solutions' renewable energy systems will provide electricity to the grid at a cost which is 5 percent less expensive than the average cost from fossil fuel sources.
Our goals

We operate ethically and lead with integrity.

Conduct in-person Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (CoBCE) training at 100 percent of Flex sites with direct labor employees.
New Code of Business Conduct and Ethics online training to be completed annually by 100 percent of eligible employees.*

* Does not include individuals who have recently joined Flex through acquisitions, employees on leave of absence and direct labor.

Supply Chain
Our goals

We are committed to monitoring and driving compliance with CSER requirements throughout our supply chain

Increase percentage of suppliers (Flex Tier 1 and Flex-controlled) who completed CSER training by 10 percent annually (Base year 2015).
Keep percentage of all new Flex-controlled suppliers screened on social and environmental criteria at 85 percent or higher.