Designing the Future of IoT
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Experience the true transformative value of ‘end-to-end’ with Flex as your strategic partner and provider of fully connected IoT products and solutions.


SmartNexus – An IoT platform solution for the intelligence era

From data and devices to platforms and products, the Internet for Things (IoT) has transformed into the Intelligence of Things®. It has evolved from connecting devices and things to building inherent intelligence within core platforms to initiate decisive action across connected products and solutions.    

With the proliferation of vendors in the emerging IoT marketplace, complexity is deep and failure rates are high. Successful navigation of the IoT value chain involves managing intricate inter-connected activities required to launch a product and bring it to scale while also ensuring compliance with stringent data security standards.

Companies that opt to build solutions increasingly face challenges such as an unclear go-to-market strategy, a piecemeal approach with solutions cobbled together using multiple technologies and vendors causing integration complexities and costly delays. 

Flex simplifies the IoT roadmap by providing solutions that transform your ideas into a globally distributed solution. We help you bring your IoT solutions to your customers faster, and with more confidence than ever before. Sketch-to-Scale®

Transforming customer experiences with seamless and secure integrations 

For companies that want to build intelligent products, Flex is the only company that can provide a comprehensive IoT solution from strategy through product design and end-user applications, allowing them to take innovative products and services to market faster and with peace of mind.

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Securely connect and manage smart devices and get to market faster with SmartNexus - a scalable, end-to-end IoT platform.

Platform Capabilities 

SmartNexus delivers secure device management and bi-directional communications for any smart and connected product across industries. The platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution: 


  • Is an end-to-end IoT platform and fully managed service
  • Is secure from the device up
  • Delivers real-time data for valuable insights
  • Has embedded software and a software agent with encrypted bi-directional communication
  • Is integrated with cloud services for secure device management
  • Has services for user app design and development
  • Enables customers to focus on creating value for their customers and brand



Flex helps energy equipment manufacturers develop smarter, more efficient products.



"Delivering updated algorithms     over-the-air to optimize solar   harvesting even in cloudy conditions   is huge for us."

                                                                          - Bruce Wooten
                     Director of Sofware Development, NEXTracker


NEXTracker, the #1 ranked solar tracking device company in the world, counts on SmartNexus to create a smarter, more secure solar field.

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Building innovation through intelligent connections

No matter where you are in the IoT value chain – whether it is for creating new revenue opportunities, building efficiency or driving market leadership and brand value, partnering with Flex can make your brand shine.  


  • Clear roadmap from strategy through implementation, including device manufacturing
  • Cohesive execution at every phase
  • Ability to easily scale to meet market demand
  • Fewer integration points and areas of vulnerability
  • Efficiencies gained by shared knowledge throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Predictable costs
  • Ability to quickly build learned insights into future product iterations



Sketch to scale platform help customers to get their products faster to market.


Speed to market and    Peace of mind

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive IoT platform or expanding your product portfolio with connected products, Flex can provide everything you need to turn your ideas into globally distributed solutions.



Learn more about SmartNexus by scheduling a demo with our team.


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