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Every day, advances in the Internet of Things are disrupting the marketplace, enhancing our lifestyles and enabling a level of connectivity we’ve never before imagined. The wearable device market is booming with new products designed to make our lives more efficient, more intelligent, safer and healthier. From retail, fashion and gaming to the connected home and healthcare, emerging consumer technologies present enormous opportunities for today’s innovators.

Collaborate with Flex to bring your product to market

In this dynamic, fast-paced marketplace, you need a partner that can help you innovate and deliver ahead of your competitors. Flex Sketch-to-Scale® solutions integrate capabilities and technologies from diverse fields to deliver products and solutions that connect and enhance our lives.


Here are just a few examples of how leading companies have partnered with Flex to gain a competitive edge and disrupt the consumer market.


-Google took Chromecast from idea to worldwide production, designing a prototype in only four weeks.


-Recon, a company specializing in athletic smart glasses and heads-up display (HUD) technology, brought a new intelligent eyewear product to market fast, gaining a competitive edge at the manufacturing level. 


-London-based startup, Roli, disrupted the music industry with a smart, interactive keyboard.


-Nike revolutionized its manufacturing processes, speeding production and delivery of consumer products and reducing manufacturing waste. 


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Leverage Flex’s services for consumer technologies, including:

-3D printing






-Product Design


-Quality Certification

The wearable device market is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years

The wearable device market is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years, reaching $37 billion in 2020

Wearable technology needs more than innovation--need manufacturing speed & agility at scale.

Push the boundaries of smart wear   

Flex manufactures about 75% of the world’s wearables. Industry leaders across fitness, medical, industrial and textiles turn to Flex to flawlessly execute and introduce their next innovation to market. Reinventing components like motion sensors, TPU encapsulated bands, OLED displays and flexible batteries, Flex is committed to ensuring that the quality and usability of wearable devices constantly improves.

Live smarter with connected living provided by Flex's collective innovation platform to get smart products into the homes.

Innovate and protect your IP

Innovate, prototype, iterate and manufacture your products with Flex’s Innovation Services in one of our global facilities. Collaborate with Flex engineers while keeping product development confidential and protecting IP in our highly secure facilities. Then production can be transferred to Flex’s international manufacturing facilities and global distribution channels.


Usher in a new way of living in the connected home

Leverage our experience in smart home technology for improved connectivity in a rapidly expanding open ecosystem.


Wink is a strategic partner of Flex and its primary supplier of hardware and firmware, including the Wink HUB and Wink Relay, which include core IP developed within Flex. The Wink platform provides current and future customers with improved connectivity in a rapidly expanding, open ecosystem.


Flex Connected Home combines solar power and home automation with integrated solutions to maximize energy savings in the connected home.



"Flex has been a very supportive partner, and the ability to further collaborate and leverage their expertise and scale in this space will help us achieve our mission of making the smart home accessible to everyone."

– Nathan Smith, CTO and Founder, Wink

Flex helps consumer electronics companies to accelerate time to market & time to volume production.

Utilize expertise and evolving technologies

Optimize your product development by leveraging Flex core technologies in your next innovation. Our cross-industry experience brings our breadth of expertise to your next disruptive consumer product. That could include:


-Connectivity to enable communication with other devices over a variety of wireless networks


-Battery and power to integrate thin, rechargeable power sources


-Smart software to support cloud-based apps


-Human machine interface (HMI) to enable the device to respond visually, physically and audibly


-Circuit and flexible technology to enable bendable and layered circuits that fit within the display face and band


-Sensors to measure personal activity and fitness metrics



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