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Sense. Scan. Fuse. Compute.

The next step in how the world experiences mobility has arrived. Accelerate the transition to autonomous driving with our Sketch-to-Scale® solutions across the entire automotive ecosystem.


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Autonomous Driving Computers

In-vehicle servers act as the brain of a self-driving car. You need servers that can withstand the demanding automotive environment. With our extensive thermal management and server blade design experience, we provide automotive-grade servers that are fast, secure and rugged. 

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Autonomous vehicles require multiple sensors that provide the vehicle a critical sense of sight. Our expertise with advanced technology sensors includes vision, radar, lidar, sonar, mechanical moving and solid state. Stay at the forefront of the constantly changing autonomous environment with the 3D sensors we manufacture at scale around the globe. 

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ADAS Interface and Sensor Fusion Boards

Consolidate various vision sensor outputs to alleviate processor bottlenecking and reduce system strain. Our sensor fusion module simplifies demanding image processing from an autonomous or ADAS system’s driving computer.

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