Advanced Engineering

Optimize production through leading-edge manufacturing technologies and advanced engineering solutions.  

To create the world’s most advanced products, you need a manufacturing partner committed to defining, developing and deploying advanced processes and solutions.

Breakthrough thinking in advanced engineering and manufacturing enables you to:


Connect intelligent products and services

Deploy assembly and testing technology for existing products with bleeding-edge technologies

Conduct reliability and failure analysis testing through intensive product and process characterization

Enhance your product's performance and miniaturize design through microelectronics packaging

Develop the next generation of modern manufacturing processes

Specialized Labs

Achieve competitive differentiation early in the design and manufacturing phases through our advanced
engineering solutions and process innovations.

Reliability and Failure Analysis

We perform reliability testing at both the component and final product levels. Full characterization of components and products are performed using contemporary techniques, such as CT scan X-Ray, Shadow Moiré & SEM analysis.

Assess the reliability of your product through environmental chambers that simulate temperature, humidity, salt spray, ultraviolet rays, lighting, and drop and abrasion testing. Understand potential physics of failure (PoF) and bring products to market safely with our full suite of testing and analysis, reducing setbacks and delays. 

Flex's Advanced Engineering Group
Flex Microelectronics Packaging Lab

Microelectronics Packaging Lab

At the early development phase, you can benefit from advanced packaging technologies and processes to miniaturize the microelectronics within your product and prepare it to scale. Our technical capabilities include high density SMT and fine pitch flip chip, precision die attach and wire bonding, and robust encapsulation techniques with an emphasis on thermal management, miniaturization, size reduction and performance enhancement.

We are uniquely positioned to become a prominent player  in the System in Package (SiP) market, enabling miniaturized design, increased functionality and faster time to market. 


Flexible Electronic Technologies

The wearable health and consumer technology markets demand elegance without sacrificing functionality. We develop technology methods and processes to integrate material, electronics and stretchable substrates into clothing, fabrics and other innovative products.

Innovations in flexible electronic technologies, such as sensors and stretchable electronics, help enable applications such as health monitoring, temperature management and energy harvesting.

Flex produces wearable health and consumer technology

Process Innovations 


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Technology Roadmaps  


We roadmap the development of our processes and technologies by anticipating your technology needs as aligned to the 3-5 year-industry trajectory. We develop and standardize assembly processes, and then deploy them through factory qualifications globally.

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Design for Excellence (DfX)


Reduce cost and eliminate solderability, placement and assembly issues by addressing design for manufacturing early in the product development process. Optimize your product design through systematic and cross-functional design methodology and tools, including design for manufacturing (DfM), test (DfT), assembly (DfA), reliability (DfR), cost (DfC) and more.

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Modern Manufacturing Processes

In the era of industry 4.0, companies must design and engineer intelligence and sustainability into both what they make and how they make it. Achieve greater efficiency, quality and sustainability through our regular improvements to the manufacturing process. We use intelligence to ensure our systems are automatically linked and checked for design for manufacturing (DfX) violations.

Partnerships and Certifications 



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