Advanced Engineering

Manufacturing technologies and world-class solutions

To create the world’s most advanced products, you need a Sketch-to-Scale® manufacturing partner committed to defining, developing and deploying innovative processes and solutions, a partner passionate about creativity, agility and manufacturing excellence. 

Building capacity for success

Breakthrough thinking in advanced engineering and manufacturing enables you to:

  • Connect intelligent products and services
  • Enhance your product's performance through miniaturized design and microelectronics packaging
  • Develop best-in-class manufacturing processes for emerging products
  • Deploy assembly and technology testing for existing products with bleeding-edge technologies
  • Conduct reliability and failure analysis testing through intensive product and process characterization
  • Develop the next generation of automated and robotic solutions

Advanced Engineering 

Advanced Engineering helps you achieve competitive differentiation and optimization through process innovations early in the design and manufacturing phases. These include automation and robotics, microelectronics packaging, assembly test and technology development, wearable technologies, 3D printing and additive manufacturing, reliability engineering, and failure analysis, structural testing (e.g. AOI, SPI, 5DX, ICT) and environmental testing (ESS, HALT/HASS, IPX). We also provide process validation, development of manufacturing standards, design guidelines, and technology transfer and support to worldwide sites.

Flex's Advanced Engineering Group
Flex Microelectronics Packaging Lab

Microelectronics Packaging Lab

At the early development phase, your product can benefit from advanced packaging technologies and processes to miniaturize the microelectronics within your product and make it ready to scale at sites around the world. Our technical capabilities include high-density SMT and fine pitch flip chip, precision die attach and wire bonding, and robust encapsulation techniques with an emphasis on thermal management, miniaturization, weight reduction and performance enhancement. We are uniquely positioned to become a prominent player in the System in Package (SiP) market, enabling miniaturized design, increased functionality and faster time to market. We proactively cultivate advanced capabilities in the areas of design, substrates, assembly, and test across multiple market segments.


Technology Test Samples

Sketch-to-Scale solutions give leaders in every major industry the expertise and technology they need to compete in today’s market. We develop technology methods and processes to integrate material, electronics, and stretchable substrates into clothing, fabrics and other innovative products. The wearable health and consumer technology markets demand elegance without sacrificing functionality. Our test samples enable us to explore new technologies such as sensors and stretchable electronics and to develop the technology of the future like biometrics, health monitoring, temperature management and energy harvesting.

Flex produces wearable health and consumer technology
Explore Flex's Automation and Control Labs

Automation and Control Labs

We take a product that has passed testing and begin to prepare it for reliable, high-volume production through advanced robotics design and factory automation. We adopt a futuristic modular approach to automation, seeking to create not just one, but many kinds of products from a single assembly line. Smart robotics and proper controls enhance productivity by ensuring production precision and consistency through utilization of sensor technologies. Next-generation automation enhances big data analytics and insights through feedback sensors in a robotic assembly that enable customers to monitor detailed information for each product unit produced.


Reliability and Failure Analysis

We test the reliability of components and complete products. Full characterization of components and products are performed using contemporary techniques, such as CT scan X-Ray, Shadow Moiré and SEM analysis. We also test the reliability of products through chambers that simulate temperature, humidity, salt spray, ultraviolet rays, lighting, and drop and abrasion testing. Our testing services help bring products to market safely, reducing setbacks and delays.

Flex offers Reliability and Failure Analysis
Flex's provides Assembly, Test and Roadmaps

Assembly, Test, and Roadmaps

We roadmap our processes and technologies by anticipating customer needs and industry trajectory by three to five years. Assembly processes are developed and standardized and then deployed through factory qualifications globally. In partnership with world-class academia and consortium, we leverage industry-leading manufacturing technologies to create competitive differentiation for our customers.