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Business Challenge 

Built on an open Android platform, temi is a voice-activated assistant robot that connects you to friends, contacts, smart home devices, online content, and video communications. 
temi, the company behind the robot, sought a partner to help with the design of their revolutionary personal assistant. The temi team faced challenges with mechanical design and assembly processes.
In addition, the team confronted significant cost pressure concerns that impacted their go-to-market strategy of making and delivering affordable intelligent, mobile personal robots to consumers. 

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  1. Customer
  2. Product
    Intelligent personal robot
  3. Services
    Sketch-to-Scale®, Design for Excellence (DfX), Design for Manufacturing (DfM), New Product Introduction, Supply Chain Management, After-market service, Logistics 



“We chose Flex because of the continued great support that you provided us right from the very beginning.
Your attitude and support along with your professional team members made the process very easy. Although our business is great robots we prefer to do business with great people”.
- Gal Goren, temi China CEO


Our Sketch-to-Scale® solution, combined with our supply chain management and manufacturing strategies enabled temi to realize their vision.


Equipped with our deep understanding of our customers’ needs, combined with our expertise in advanced cross-industry technologies, we engaged with temi early in the design process.

temi remained in charge of the full design work, while we worked alongside the team to provide our Sketch-to-Scale® solution from Design for Excellence (DfX) and Design for Manufacturing (DfM) to manufacturing and supply chain management to distribution and after-market logistics.

Our collaboration with the team early in the process, coupled with our supply chain management strategy, supported a seamless transition from design to manufacturing. Our global reach helped to satisfy temi’s distribution and after-market service logistics needs.

 Flex Precision Plastics



The personal assistant robot is the first expression of the many possibilities that the temi platform can deliver. The temi team remains committed to creating a future that enhances human abilities; enriches connections and delivers intuitive, reliable and accessible products. In future applications, the temi platform opens up numerous possibilities for educational, medical, gaming, security and entertainment apps that can move, listen, and interact with you.

In partnering with us, temi was able to bring their vision into reality. Our Sketch-to-Scale® solution, combined with our supply chain management and manufacturing strategies, enabled the temi team to achieve the following results:

  • conducted first NPI in an aggressive two weeks.
  • realized a 20% cost reduction from mechanical supplier management, test, and assembly inputs
  • forecasted to remain on track to achieve a global reach with the personal assistant robot in Q4 2018.
Flex Precision Plastics