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From a diagnostic dongle that explains why your check engine light is on to collision avoidance systems, breakthroughs in automotive solutions are dramatically changing the driving experience. Soon, in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities won’t be just for luxury vehicles. Intelligent, connected solutions will be standard in every vehicle, improving safety, increasing efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and enhancing the way we experience the road.




By 2020, 90% of vehicles will include intelligent connectivity features, creating a potential $200 billion economic impact by 2025. - Gartner



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Gain Competitive Edge while Delighting Drivers Everywhere

The brave new world of the intelligent car is not without its challenges. Automakers must upgrade traditional models while staying on top of emerging technologies that improve the driver experience. In this dynamic, fast-moving marketplace, you need a partner that can help you build innovative solutions that address new regulations, competitive pressures and consumer demands. 


Leveraging Sketch-to-Scale® solutions, industry leaders and startups are bringing engaging new products to market, fast. 


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Mega Trends Drive Our Product Families

The car of the future is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s also a center of communication, navigation and connectivity. Vehicles will integrate with smart city infrastructures and personal devices as part of a connected whole, while vehicle electrification and autonomy will make cars more efficient than ever before. Intelligent, connected solutions will be standard in every vehicle, improving safety, increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption to ultimately enhance how we experience the road.

  • Autonomy
    Sense. Scan. Fuse. Compute.
  • Connectivity
    Protect. Inform. Maintain. Connect.
  • Electrification
    Manage. Distribute. Convert. Recover. Charge. Control.
  • Smart Tech
    Touch. See. Hear. Move.

Sense. Scan. Fuse. Compute.



Be a leader in the automotive revolution. Leverage our decades of cloud server experience, automotive design expertise and vast manufacturing capabilities to dramatically advance the transition to autonomy.


Protect. Inform. Maintain. Connect.



Connectivity is at the heart of intelligent mobility. Revolutionize the car of tomorrow with the benefit of our deep experience across multiple global industries in connected technologies. 


Manage. Distribute. Convert. Recover. Charge. Control.



Improve fuel economy, enhance power transfer and refine power storage for recycled energy with our electrification solutions.

Smart Tech

Touch. See. Hear. Move.



Elevate the customer experience and satisfy the growing demand for more efficient, smart vehicles on the journey to fully autonomous and electric vehicles. 

Harnessing Sketch-to-Scale® to Accelerate Innovation

By working with our innovation labs, design centers, and centers of excellence, along with startups, research institutions, and universities, we are able to develop new technologies faster, including:



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Flex is Leading the Way in the Automotive Revolution

  • 2019 Automotive News PACE Award Finalist

  • 2018 Magneti Marelli Motherson Overall Excellence Award  

  • 2017 Automotive News Top Supplier  

  • 2017 General Motors Supplier of the Year 

  • 2017 Automotive News PACE Award Finalist 

  • Ford World Excellence Award 

  • 2016 China Automobile & Parts Industry Development & Innovation Awards - Technology Innovation Award


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Innovation and Collaboration

Advance your capabilities with a partner who invests in innovative technologies, processes and people. Access leading-edge developments and collaborate with our engineering and design experts to craft optimal solutions for your needs.

Flex has a long history of delivering best-in-class power supply technology

Agility and Speed to Market

You need a partner with speed, scope and scale across a broad range of technologies to bring your innovations to market quickly and to adapt to your needs responsively. Our extensive cross-industry expertise and experience in delivering solutions from Sketch-to-Scale® helps speed your time to market.

Flex has a long history of delivering best-in-class power supply technology

Global Scale

Seamlessly expand your design, manufacturing and delivery across geographic regions, leveraging our physical presence and infrastructure in 30 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. 

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