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Flex’s diversity and inclusion commitment

Flex is a company of diverse individuals working together in teams to meet our commitments to our stakeholders. We recognize that our strength comes from the dedication, talents, experiences, and perspectives of every employee. Because we are based in 30 countries across the globe, our organization is naturally diverse in many dimensions including age, religion, gender, and nationality, and we celebrate this diversity as a major contributor to the strength of our culture of innovation and inclusion.

We encourage a sense of collective pride and belonging. We strive to ensure that every Flex employee is empowered to do their best work, with ample opportunity for career advancement. Our diverse and inclusive community of collaborative team members enables us to transcend conventional creativity, as we design and build products for our customers that create value and improve people’s lives.

We are committed to progress in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of a diverse talent pool, and to extending our social impact to affect positive change in our local communities.

Flex will strive to advance equality, respect, and dignity in our workplace and in the communities we serve through programs that improve equal engagement and inclusion.