Precision Plastics for Healthcare

As the leading medical device manufacturer in the world for volume production, Flex produces highly specialized plastic parts and medical devices for some of the top multi-national medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Custom solutions built to scale 

Partnering with Flex allows you to focus on product design, usability and quality aspects without having to worry about manufacturing, distribution and complex medical regulations. All of our sites are PP ISO 13485 and FDA registered with established quality processes and personnel including Category C Clean Room facilities.

  • Supports leading healthcare brands at scale –clients value our deep commitment to partnership and co-creation with a focus on product definition and design engineering for customized product development. All out facilities are equipped with high-speed assembly equipment forhigh volume output of plastic parts and products.   
  • Proven performance – as the #1 medical supply chain solutions provider we bring to the table deep understanding of the applications and the industry, meeting complex medical supply demands with speed and agility.
  • Integrated full-service capability – design and engineering, precision mold manufacturing,  high-volume injection molding and logistics.



85% of the top medical device manufacturers work with Flex


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  • Precision-injection molding - drug delivery devices, patches, inhalers auto injectors syringe barrels and plunger rods, plastic implantable devices and laboratory consumables. 
  • Custom mold development – complex and high tolerance, rapid pre-production tooling, multi material molds, in-mold automation, unscrewing, high cavitation, stack molds, turn key solutions, multi mold programs and interchangeability.
  • High-speed automated assembly    
  • Drug-handling services and FDA registration 
  • Scalable output - sterile assembly automation sized for 5-year demand, final assembly modular to scale as demand grows. 
  • Maetta™ system - a proprietary manufacturing platform based on metal injection molding. The Maetta™ system enables high-fidelity prototyping and scalable production capabilities of complex metallic parts, such as orthopedic, cardiac and trauma instruments and implants.





Medical device components, finished device assembly, laboratory consumables (pipettes), medical disposables, pharmaceutical packaging and delivery devices. 

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Key Benefits 


One source responsibility for the scope of supply

  • Complete solution
  • Full implementation
  • High reliability
  • Risk mitigation



Surety and peace of mind

  • Conceptual FMEA
  • Proprietary single source quality management system
  • Mechanical Electrical and Software
  • Design
  • Construction FMEA
  • Design qualification.
  • Assembly and debugging
  • FAT and SAT (IQ, OQ, PQ) and validation



Turnkey integration services

  • Strategically located
  • Complete infrastructure
  • Process development



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