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We partner with leading global companies to produce highly specialized plastic parts leveraging extensive cross-industry expertise through design, engineering, project management, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

Producing complex plastic parts is an art as much as it is a skill. Even with the advancement of printing and injection molding technologies producing complex parts and plastic products require patience, skill and innovation. Flex is synonymous with highly specialized and unique skills in solving plastics manufacturing challenges for top global brands in medical and consumer packaging involving high precision, high cavitation tooling, high volume plastic injection molding, automation and assembly.


Our full service capabilities include - design, engineering, a global manufacturing presence and medical supply chain solutions that meet your needs cost-effectively with uncompromised quality and reliability. 


Flex Precision Plastics machinery


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Powering economies of scale from pellet to product

Custom-built automation solutions and Clean Room facilities - highly specialized tailor-made solutions that involve cutting edge design for manufacturing to meet your most complex needs with complete traceability. Our facilities offer 100% quality control with integrated IT and quality management systems that collect real time data for FDA compliance reporting. (FDA Registered, ISO 13485, ISO Class 7&8 cleanroom capability). 


Global manufacturing presence and extensive supplier networks - helps optimize cost efficiencies from procurement through product development, supply chain and delivery while  speeding time to market.


Full service capabilities - from innovative product design to tooling, assembly, packaging, and logistics, we can engage with you at any stage in the product development process.


Cost efficiencies - lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with faster turnover and speed of delivery enabled by partnerships with top certified suppliers including sustainable practices that support 'green' initiatives.


Global footprint for injection molding and mold building  
Tooling facilities
- U.S (Tempe, AZ; Manchester, CT; Buffalo Grove, IL); Sonderborg, Denmark; Pamplona, Spain; Treviso, Italy  
High precision production molding facilities - U.S. (Manchester, CT; Buffalo Grove, IL); Treviso, Italy; Hägglingen, Switzerland

Leveraging cross-industry expertise to deliver innovative custom solutions


Product Design and Development

  • Expert injection molding and mold-making product design and prototyping capabilities enabling solutions to be directly converted into molds.

Flex has a long history of delivering best-in-class power supply technology


  • Leader in medical device manufacturing with a global footprint.
  • World-class production facilities with the latest tooling and molding technologies using purpose-built automation solutions.

Flex has a long history of delivering best-in-class power supply technology

Quality Management and Assurance

  • Enhanced operational excellence with established quality-control processes and zero tolerance for defects.

Flex is passionately committed to delivering superior quality

Engineering and Production

  • Unmatched high performance, high cavitation tooling and molding precision plastics technology in tooling and automation solutions for high volume production.
  • Extensive production expertise across all stages from the procurement of the raw material to packing and delivery of the finished product.

Flex is passionately committed to delivering superior quality

Project Management 

  • From initiation, monitoring and control to risk and supplier/contractor management, our project managers are experienced in high volume production focused on quality, speed and agility.

Flex is passionately committed to delivering superior quality

Supply Chain

  • Global supply chain network helps procure materials faster, manufacture products in a cost-effective manner and ship directly to customers.
  • Ultraprecision plastics that deliver superior quality, repeatability and reliability to lower overall supply chain risk.


A full service provider with industry-leading solutions and infrastructure


Flex precision plastics clean room facilities for medical


As the leading medical device manufacturer in the world for volume production, Flex produces highly specialized plastic parts and medical devices for some of the top multi-national medical and pharmaceutical companies.

Partnering with us allows you to focus on product design, usability and quality aspects without having to worry about manufacturing, distribution and complex medical regulations. All of our sites are PP ISO 13485 and FDA registered with established quality processes and personnel including Category C Clean Room facilities.    

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Flex offers cloud and server storage power supply solutions

Consumer Packaging 

  • In-mold labeling
  • Stack mold IML
  • Dedicated multi cavity
  • High cavitation
  • Automatic label change
  • Dual cassettes
  • On the-fly change over
  • Flexibility for product types
  • Stack mold or single face
  • Mold face product separation
  • Vision inspection and stacking systems
  • High performance injection mold machines

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Flex offers unrivalled expertise

Manchester, CT, USA

Flex has a long history of delivering best-in-class power supply technology

Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

 Tempe, Arizona, USA

Flex is passionately committed to delivering superior quality

Sonderborg, Denmark

Flex is passionately committed to delivering superior quality

Haaglingen, Switzerland

Flex is passionately committed to delivering superior quality

 Pampalona, Spain

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