Best-in-Class Solutions for Plastics in Healthcare and Consumer Packaging & Parts

Tap into extensive cross-industry expertise to produce highly specialized, precision plastic components and products through design, molding and automation.

Powering Economies of Scale from Pellet to Product

We are experts in injection molding and mold fabrication. We are with you every step of the way with start to finish project management to efficiently produce plastic components in your medical products and consumer packaging.


From innovative product design, tooling and assembly to packaging and logistics, we can support any stage in the product lifecycle. Our expertise includes high-precision, high-cavitation tooling, high-volume plastic injection molding, automation and assembly. 




We design and manufacture complex, high-tolerance molds from prototype through high-volume production for use in our world-class facilities:  

  • Design and manufacturing capability of molds up to 500 tons 
  • Single-face molds 
  • Stack molds and multi-cavity molds 
  • Multi-material molds (multi-component molding, multi-shot molding, over-molding) 
  • Multi-mold programs 
  • Insert molds 
  • Unscrewing molds (single-face and stack) 
  • In-mold operations (in-mold assembly, in-mold closing, in-mold coining, in-mold labelling)


Locations Available:

Buffalo Grove, IL USA | Manchester, CT USA | Tempe, AZ USA (TECH MOLD a Flex Company) | Treviso, Italy | Sonderborg, Denmark (Sønderborg Værktøjsfabrik a Flex Company) | Pamplona, Spain (IRUMOLD) 



You can reliably produce complex plastic components in high volume at a low cost using: 

  • Multi-material molding (2-, 3- and 4-shot capability) 
  • Over-molding 
  • Insert molding 
  • Consumer packaging molding 
  • Mold clamping pressure from 25 tons to 1,700 tons 
  • In-mold value-added operations 
  • In-mold labeling 
  • In-mold assembly 
  • In-mold closing


Locations Available:

Buffalo Grove, IL USA | Hägglingen, Switzerland  | Treviso, Italy 

Flex Microelectronics Packaging Lab


ISO 8 Clean Room Molding 

As the leading medical device manufacturer in the world for volume production, we produce highly specialized plastic components and medical devices with the quality and regulatory readiness you need.  

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Locations Available:

Buffalo Grove, IL USA  Manchester, CT USA  Hägglingen, Switzerland


You can lower your overall supply chain risk with our superior quality and repeatable and reliable processes: 

  • Clean room assembly and packaging 
  • In-house automation design and engineering 
  • High-speed tool room automation 


Locations Available:

Buffalo Grove, IL USA | Manchester, CT USA | Hägglingen, Switzerland | Treviso, Italy  



                                  Flex supply chain management - advanced simulation and analysis tool

Drive Quality and Compliance 

Collect real-time quality performance data through a standardized quality management system. We hold our sites to the highest standard of regulatory compliance. Facilities that are dedicated to the production of medical devices are ISO 13485:2016 certified and FDA 21 CFR Part 820 compliant and are equipped with ISO Class 7 and 8 clean rooms.


Tap Into an Extensive Supplier Network

Optimize cost efficiencies from procurement to delivery with uncompromised quality and reliability. Our global supply chain network helps procure materials faster, manufacture products cost-effectively and ship directly to customers. 

                                  Supply chain -active tracking of your supply chain networks at the Pulse center

Achieve Cost Efficiencies

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with faster turnover and speed of delivery enabled by partnerships with top certified suppliers, including environmentally-friendly practices in support of a sustainable future.  


Focus on Your Core Competency

Our expert project management focuses on everything from initiation, monitoring and control to supplier and risk management, so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Our project managers are experienced in high volume production focused on quality, speed and agility. 

Partner with us for your precision plastics needs and get an edge over competition.

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