Robotic barista will now take your mobile caramel cappuccino order

MegaRobo researches and develops artificially intelligent robots for life sciences, intelligent retail and lightweight industrial manufacturing. 


Business Objective 

With a highly precise robotic barista arm to make coffee, MegaRobo wanted to bring its new barista idea to the market. They were looking for a partner that had both technology knowledge and manufacturing expertise to take the product from concept to design right through to manufacturing and distribution. They also wanted to partner with a company that had a good understanding of modern retail experience demands.  

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  1. Customer
  2. Product
    Robotic barista
  3. Services
    Sketch-to-Scale®, design, software logic, PLC robotic arm programming, WeChat Application development, Food safety certification, machine API, product enclosure


Our knowledge of robotic arm programming, WeChat app development, advanced mechanicals solutions and food safety regulatory compliance all applied to developing the robotic barista.








“Flex had the necessary innovation, experience and capability to support our effort to bring convenient automation to everyday lives.” 

- Daniel Huang, CEO, MegaRobo 


We applied our knowledge from multiple industries to integrate various technologies into the product. We used our know-how in robotic arm programming, WeChat app development and advanced mechanicals solutions. In addition, we made sure that it met all food safety regulations. We set up a reliable and scalable supply chain for MegaRobo to help them get to market and expand quickly. 


Pairing our past experience with a wide net of knowledge from various technologies and industries, and our work on a similar product in the past, we were able to deliver the first machine within four months of project kick-off, with subsequent machines delivered only two months later. 

We seamlessly integrated multiple technologies to enable connected intelligence in a consumer-based retail product that put a coffee in their hands with an app by simply scanning their mobile device.