Design for Manufacturing

In the Age of Intelligence™, big ideas often come with big unknowns. That’s why an experienced technology partner can help you turn your idea into the next big disruption. We co-innovate with you to vet, conceptualize and test your idea. We help you move your innovation with Sketch-to-Scale® solutions, so you can move the world.

Fueling startup technology innovation

Building new business solutions require a broad mix of hardware and software expertise and resources. Lab IX provides hardware technology startups and enterprise venture programs access to facilities, manufacturing resources, technical experts and customers. With the support of Flex advanced design engineers and state-of-the-art technology development environments, technology startups can gain access to one of the world’s largest hardware and software ecosystems, enabling them to scale mitigating product development risk.

Flex offers mature customers a built-in research and development resource through quick access to the startups and breakthrough technologies that turns businesses into market leaders. Our co-innovation platform enables companies to successfully innovate, create, and accelerate time to market as they grow their customer base.

Bring your product concepts to life with Flex sketch-to-scale solutions
With expertise in nearly every industry, Flex brings unparalleled knowledge to our customers

Cross-pollinate ideas and technologies

Flex draws on deep multi-industry expertise to cross-pollinate ideas and core technologies. Our Collective Innovation Platform (CIP) is an ecosystem approach that helps customers monetize their investments, reduce their time-to-market and enhance product functionality by leveraging core technology blocks that have been qualified as part of our technology Centers of Excellence. 

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