About FSP


FSP is a centralized, web-based application that manages and supports collaborative supply chain processes between Flex and our supplier base. FSP enables Flex and our suppliers to:

  • Automate the transmission of transactions, including:
    • Forecasts
    • Forecast commitments
    • Inventory commitments
    • Purchase orders (POs)
    • Purchase order changes
    • Order cancellations
    • Advanced shipping notices (ASNs)
  • Accept and send supplier responses and shipment notices via multiple formats, including via the web portal for EDI.
  • Reduce non-value-added purchasing costs.
  • Provide a complete history of POs (including PO changes) on the web.


FSP features


  • Automatic transmission of forecasts, new POs, PO changes, and PO cancellations (web or EDI).
  • Ability to upload PO acknowledgments, forecast commitments, inventory commitments, and ASNs.
  • Custom email alerts that allow suppliers to manage by exception.
  • Electronic record of communication between suppliers and Flex.
  • Improved data integrity between suppliers and Flex.
  • Immediate transmission of all supplier acknowledgments to Flex ERP or to buyers for approval.
  • Faster delivery of forecasts and POs to suppliers.


Additional system features


  • Significantly improved system performance.
  • More options and capabilities, including multiple languages.

Supplier portal