Flex observes International Persons with Disabilities Day 2019

Flex observes International Persons with Disabilities Day 2019


A large part of our success is due to the diversity of our teams. With approximately 160,000 employees spread across 30 countries, we find great strength in different perspectives. We are proud of the experiences our employees bring to projects and aim to provide everyone a seat at the table. Our goal is to foster positive change in the way we live and work together.


international people with disabilities sensory room remodel


We celebrate UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities


Our employees consistently go the extra mile when participating in our sustainability programs. And this year was no exception. For the third consecutive year, we dedicated two weeks in October to bring awareness to the needs of People with Disabilities. Our team participation was incredible – more than 14,000 employees from 51 Flex sites around the world engaged in activities such as sign language training, playing games while blindfolded and wheelchair races. Activities were conducted with the goal of raising empathy and awareness of routine obstacles faced by those with disabilities. We also facilitated 500 volunteers who invested more than 1,400 hours giving back to their local communities.


One example of our approach is our design center team’s efforts in Hollis, New Hampshire. The team invited a former colleague with a disability, Steven Vordenberg, to share his experiences as someone living with a disability and the challenges he faces. Following Steven’s story, the group brainstormed ways to help improve an adaptive forearm crutch for better usability. The 29 teammates presented their ideas, and with Steven’s approval, are working on ways to implement the new design to help Steven and others facing similar mobility challenges.


people collaborate on international people with disabilities day 2019


In Europe, employees in 10 countries participated, resulting in close to 370 volunteer hours and 34 activities. Fourteen volunteers from our team in Budapest-GSS, Hungary visited students at the local School for the Blind. 


crew remodels room international people with disabilities day 2019


The team refurbished the school’s bakehouse, repainted and furnished the student rest area and repaired broken ceilings. While the volunteers were busy, the students baked pizza and cake for the group to enjoy together.


people baking pastries and pizza


Our teams in Asia also provide a great representation of the valuable results that can be achieved when working together. Twenty-three locations from eight countries held activities on site. Collectively, volunteer activities amounted to 700 hours. In Suzhou, China, 31 volunteers spent a day at a welfare center. They performed, laughed and sang with the disabled elders, children and the orphans.


Our site in Cebu, Philippines, provided 34 volunteers to partner with the Special Education class of Marigondon Elementary School. They renovated an unused room into a sensory room with bright colors where the students can play or calm down. Volunteers reported that it was a heart-warming activity, as the children’s faces were thrilled with this new space.


Before renovation


international people with disabilities sensory room remodel


After renovation


international people with disabilities sensory room remodel


Stories from the team


people engaging in activities for international people with disabilities day 2019
What an incredible sight to see today. I was amazed and humbled – but not surprised – by the number of employees engaged in the disability brainstorming sessions. It is a perfect example of our employees’ thoughtfulness, dedication and unique ability to truly collaborate as a team. I am truly in awe of each and every one of you and the company culture we created at Farm. Days like today remind me that we should be proud of who we are and thankful for what we have. Thank you to all of you. I look forward with great anticipation to the ideas and solutions that are developed.
- Darrin Manke, General Manager at DSN Hollis, US



people engaging in activities for international people with disabilities day 2019

Thank you for conducting today’s event. And to everyone who participated, thank you for the thoughtfulness you poured into today’s brainstorm. As is typical of the Farm think tank, I was very impressed with the range of concepts and out-of-the-box thinking. It was interesting to be sitting in the ‘clients chair’ to observe the energy and fearlessness you bring to conceptual development.
- Steven Vordenberg, a former Flex employee
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