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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What does Flex do?

Flex designs and builds intelligent products for a smarter, more connected world by providing sketch-to-scale® solutions– innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight and logistics services – to companies of all sizes and industries.

How large is Flex?

A Fortune 500 company, Flex counts $25B revenue, 50M sq. ft. of manufacturing & services space, over 100 sites in over 30 countries 2,500 design engineers and approximately 160,000 employees.

Where is Flex located?

With global headquarters in Singapore, Flex provides advanced design, manufacturing and supply chain services through a network of over 100 facilities in approximately 30 countries across four continents. We are located in the world's major consumer electronics and industrial products markets (Asia, the Americas, and Europe) in order to serve the outsourcing needs of both multinational and regional OEMs.

What is Flex's quality policy?

Flex is focused on our customers' ultimate success and satisfaction. We are committed to:

  • Deliver innovative products and services through world-class quality solutions.
  • Maintain the highest quality level through continuous process improvement and a zero defect culture.
  • Continually improve our Quality Management System and maintain its effectiveness, while ensuring full regulatory and/or certification compliance.

How does Flex protect my intellectual property (IP)?

Your intellectual property is guarded under the strictest protection when you partner with Flex. We offer stealth development and manufacturing within controlled-access facilities guarded by 24/7 security personnel. We'll work with you upfront to outline non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality policies.

Which industries does Flex serve?

Flex works with companies in nearly every industry including automotive, aerospace and defense, building and housing, cloud, communications, consumer, energy, enterprise, health and medical, lighting, industrial, mechanical, and power.

What kind of products does Flex produce?

Serving a variety of end-markets, including data networking, telecom, enterprise computing and storage, industrial, capital equipment, appliances, automation, medical, automotive, aerospace and defense, energy, mobile, computing and other product categories, Flex designs, builds, ships and services complete packaged consumer electronic and industrial products for original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs"). Examples include drug delivery; diagnostic, life sciences and imaging equipment; vehicle electronics, connectivity, and clean technologies; commercial aviation, defense and military; mobile devices; consumer electronics, including connected living, wearable electronics including digital sport, game consoles and connectivity devices; notebook personal computing ("PC"), tablets, and printers; semiconductor; capital equipment; office solutions; household industrial and lifestyle; industrial automation and kiosks; energy and metering; lighting; radio access base stations, remote radio heads and small cells for wireless infrastructure; optical, routing, broadcasting, and switching products for the data and video networks; server and storage platforms for both enterprise and cloud-based deployments; next-generation storage and security appliance products; and rack level solutions, converged infrastructure and software-defined product solutions.

What size companies does Flex work with?

Flex works with companies of all sizes. Flex's Lab IX™ technology accelerator is a program which invests in emerging hardware startups. Flex's Invention Lab in San Francisco, typically works with funded startups and small product teams in a "micro-factory" setting. We also work with industry-leading multinational household name brands across each of our verticals.

When and why did Flex change its name from Flextronics?

In July 2015, "Flextronics" rebranded as "Flex". The primary driver was to emphasize our full-scale capabilities to strategically partner with the world's leading brands, regardless of industry. Faced with the challenges of creating intelligent, interconnected products that blur the lines of multiple industries, with faster time-to-market requirements in an increasingly competitive and innovative environment, customers value Flex as a trusted partner throughout the entire Sketch-to-scale™ process.

What is the Intelligence of Things?

Evolving beyond the Internet of Things, "Intelligence of things" is how Flex describes the building blocks of the post-Information Age era.

How can I get a quote from Flex?

If you're ready to partner with Flex, please contact us with specific details about your needs, including where you are at in the product development process.

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