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  • General Supplies
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)…
  • Bath Accessories
    Bath Accessories…
  • Concrete
    Concrete Forming…
  • Doors & Windows
    Wood Doors…
  • Electrical
    Low-Voltage Electrical Power Conductors and Cables…
  • Finishes
    Gypsum Plastering…
  • HVAC
    HVAC Fans…
  • Masonry
  • Plumbing
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  • Solar Power
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General Supplies

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)    

    Fall Protection
    Hi-Visibility Apparel
    Eye Protection
    Head Protection
    Foot Protection
    Respiratory Protection

Cleaning Supplies    

    Horsehair Brooms with Handle
    Palmyra Brushes

Bath Accessories

Bath Accessories    

    Toilet Paper Holders
    Toilet Brush Sets
    Mounting Rails
    Towel Holders
    Towel Hooks
    Semi-Framed Walk-In Shower Enclosures
    Hinged Door Shower Enclosures
    Corner Entry/U Shaped Shower Enclosure Side Panels


Concrete Forming    


    Diamond Cutting Blades
    Steel Stakes
    Wood Chamfers
    Concrete Accessories
    Anchor Bolts


Concrete Reinforcing    


    Rebar Tie Wire
    Slab Bolsters


Concrete Topical Treatments    


    Floor Leveling Plaster


Precast Concrete    


    Precast Concrete Parking Bumpers


Gypsum Cement Underlayment    


    Self-Levelling Gypsum Cement

Doors & Windows

Wood Doors    


    Wood Doors
    Interior Doors
    Entrance Doors
    Door Frames
    Door Leaves


Entrances and Storefronts    


    Aluminum-Framed Entrances and Storefronts




    PVC Windows




    Door Hardware


Low-Voltage Electrical Power Conductors and Cables    


    CY 16 Cable
    H07V-K Cable
    H07V-U Cable
    NYM-J Cable
    NYY-J Cable


Hangers and Supports for Electrical Systems    


    Ceiling Brackets


Raceway and Boxes for Electrical Systems    


    90 Degree Horizontal Bend
    Built in Connection Box
    Cable Conduit Pipes
    Corner Connectors
    Ducts Connectors
    Ducts Frames
    End of Ducts
    External Connectors
    90 Degree Flat Angles
    Flexible Trunking
    Horizontal Cross-Overs
    Horizontal Tees
    Inner Connectors
    Junction Boxes
    Mounting Boxes
    Pin for UZP Clamps
    Pipe Joints
    Flat and Round Press-In Clips
    Rigid Angle Pipe Joints
    Semi Round Ducts
    Strip Clamps
    Quick Installation Surface Sets
    Trunking Channels
    U Clips
    Universal Gang Boxes


Cable Trays for Electrical Systems    


    90 Degree Horizontal Bends
    Add-On Tees
    Angle Connectors
    Articulated Connectors
    Barrier Strips
    Cable Ladders
    Cable Trays
    Click Cable Trays
    Edge Protection Strips
    Horizontal Tee
    Integrated Connectors
    Joint Connectors
    Long Span Cable Trays
    Protective Caps
    Screw Sets
    Snap-In Bottom Connectors
    Snap-In Connectors
    Straight Connectors
    Support Channels
    Underfloor Trunking
    Wall/Floor Brackets
    Wire Mesh


Electrical Cabinets and Enclosures    


    Multimedia Distribution Cabinets
    DIN Rail Metal Enclosures
    Electrical Sub Distribution Cabinets


Wiring Devices    


    Self-Test GFCI Outlets
    Antenna Outlet + Covers
    Blind Switch Covers
    Blind Switch Inserts
    Cable Duct Mountings
    Connection Boxes
    Cover Frames
    Cover Plate Lines
    Dual USB Chargers
    Jalousie Switches
    LED Lamps
    Outside Sockets
    USB Power Supply Units
    Push Button Switches
    Residential Grade Duplex Receptacle
    Blind Switches
    Socket/Switch Sets
    Switch Shutters
    Switch/Dimmer Sets
    Timed Light Switches


Door Chimes    


    Push Bell Switches


Low-Voltage Circuit Protective Devices    


    Residual Current Devices
    Miniature Circuit Breakers
    Overcurrent Circuit breakers




    LED Interior Lighting


Gypsum Plastering    


    Sealing Mortar
    Plaster Primer
    Priming Emulsion
    Cement-Lime Plaster
    Cement Based Thin Layer Plaster
    Decorative Plaster
    Lightweight Building Plaster
    Mass for Tapeless Jointing of Plasterboard
    Tapeless Patching Mortar
    Finishing Coat
    Finishing Filler


Ceramic Tile    


    Porcelain Tile
    Ceramic Tile


Thin-Set Tiling    


    Tile Adhesive




    Flooring Underlayment
    Laminate Flooring
    Wood Composite Flooring


Wall Finishes    


    Wall Coverings
    Top Edge Trim 
    External Angle Trim
    Internal Angle Trim
    Starting Trim




    Finish Putty
    Masking Tape
    Paint Primer
    Latex Paint
    Exterior Paint


Staining and Finishing    


    Wood Finish


HVAC Fans    


    Tampico Water Brushes


Valves and Fittings    
    Angle Valves
    Inclined Seat Valves with Backflow Preventers
    Connection Elbows


Plumbing Fixtures    


    Bottle Traps
    Flush Buttons
    Installation Foam for Toilets/WCs
    Mounting Frame for Sinks/Basins
    Toilet/WC Mounting Frames
    Toilet/WC seats
    Urinal Mounting Frames
    Urinal Flush Controls
    Stainless Steel Sinks/Basins
    Vitreous China Sinks/Basins


Faucets, Supplies, and Trim    


    2 way Diverter Installation Units
    2-way Diverter Valves with Wall Outlet
    Aerators with Backflow Preventers
    Bath Filler/Spouts
    Bath Mixers
    Clic-clack Waste
    Hand Shower Sets
    Round Pencil Hand Showers
    Shower Heads
    Shower Head Arms
    Shower Hoses
    Shower Mixers
    Shower Sets
    Single Lever Mixer Installation Units
    Single lever Sink/Basin Mixers
    Single Lever Wall Mounted Showers
    Standing Sink/Basin Mixers
    Stiff Casting Spouts and Aerators
    Thermostatic Mixers
    Thermostatic Mixer Installation Units
    Towel Radiators
    Tube Interrupters

Solar Power

PV Modules    
    60 Cell, Black Backsheet