Micron NVMe in the Open19 Platform: Low-Latency Storage at the Edge

The explosion of data in the Age of Intelligence™ has created an unprecedented shift in the way data is generated and consumed. As the demand for connected devices with low latency processing requirements continues to grow, so does the pressure on data center architectures to provide ultra-fast data storage and retrieval.

To scale at the rate of demand, data centers need a flexible rack-level infrastructure that minimizes complexity and reduces cost. This has prompted a shift from functions previously performed by proprietary hardware to commodity hardware and open source software. Flex is leading advancements with the new data center standard as a founding member of the Open19™ consortium. Open19™ addresses these issues by creating an open hardware and software management ecosystem which is both interoperable and interchangeable in any 19” rack environment.

In the white paper, you’ll find:

  • Benefits of Open19™ framework
  • Building blocks of the Open19™ framework 
  • Micron NVMe PCIe 9200 SSDs and the 9200 family features
  • Micron’s NVMe SSDs in Open19™
  • Benchmarking Micron 9200 NVMe drives in Open19™