‘Tis The Season For Smart Gifting

Smart gadgets aren’t just for techies. Just about everything from headphones to bicycle wheels has made the leap to the connected world, making life a little bit easier. This holiday season, there’s no excuse for leaving anyone out of high-tech gifting. Including new takes on classic gaming systems and drones that fly longer, here are the perfect presents for picky family members.

[1] GAME

Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con, $300

With a TV dock as well as two motion-intuitive Joy-Con joystick controllers that can be snapped onto a traditional grip accessory, wrist straps, or the portable screen itself, the Switch allows gamers to go pretty much anywhere—and puts a catalog of classics and new titles from Nintendo’s Game Store at the tip of their fingers.  


Raden A22 Carry, $295

The days of losing luggage or worrying about a dead smartphone battery are numbered. This smart suitcase includes its own battery with two USB charging ports and Bluetooth proximity sensors to help the owner locate the suitcase at busy baggage claims. The TSA-approved-size polycarbonate suitcase also has a built-in scale to avoid pesky airline fees for heavy luggage.

[3] FIND

Tile Sport, $35

For your most forgetful family member, Tile’s rugged Sport Bluetooth tracker helps keep personal items such as keys and backpacks out of the lost and found. Each tiny device has a built-in ringer and connects to a smartphone app that displays a proximity meter, so tracking down easy-to-lose items within 200 feet is as simple as pulling up the app. 

[4] FLY

Parrot Mambo FPV, $180

For the family member looking to finally pick up a drone of their own, Parrot’s Mambo minidrone will put them in the driver’s seat. It has a high-performance battery, shoots in 720P HD, and even supports VR so pilots can catch a first-person glimpse from up above using their smartphone inside Parrot’s virtual reality headset.

[5] MOVE

Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket with Google Jacquard, $350

What’s form without function? Google and Levi’s stylish jean jacket with a responsive sleeve is perfect for bike commuters. A simple swipe or tap on the cuff wirelessly controls a smartphone so the wearer can stop or start music, put incoming notifications on hold, or hear directions. Now that’s street smarts. 


Hot Wheels AI Street Car Racing Edition, $100

A modern twist on the die-cast classic toy for the smart car generation, this racing kit uses artificial intelligence in the remote-controlled cars and track. Players can race each other, avoiding virtual hazards like oil spills, engine failures, and tire blowouts, or can take on the AI itself.


Apple TV 4K, $179 for 32 GB

Apple’s updated TV device supports 4K high-definition resolution, bringing it up to par with competing digital devices. With its full suite of apps and streaming capabilities, this is the perfect gift for that family member who is finally cutting the cord, or unwrapping a new 4K TV. 


360fly 4K Video Camera, $500

A durable video camera that fits in the palm of a hand, the 360fly 4K delivers 360-degree or standard first-person point of view. With features such as time-lapse mode, water resistance, and remote control through a smartphone app, budding cinematographers can customize their recording experiences to capture every adventure in lifelike detail.


JBL Charge 3, $150 

Designed to keep playing during the longest, hottest days by the water—and even in it—the Charge 3’s built-in rechargeable battery promises up to 20 hours of playtime. The speaker can connect wirelessly to up to three smartphones or tablet computers at a time, so everyone can assume the role of DJ.

[10] RIDE

Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel, $1,500

Superpedestrian has reinvented the wheel, literally. The MIT spin-off’s Copenhagen Wheel uses an embedded system that learns a cyclist’s movements and amplifies pedal power automatically through a connected smartphone app. The best part: It works with most bike frames—simply pop on the smart wheel and start pedaling.