ROLI Seaboard RISE

The Seaboard Rise is the ultimate, on-the-go music machine. Available in 25- and 49-“keywave” versions, the Rise gives amateur and professional musicians alike the power to shape sounds through unique hand gestures. Its innovative design is changing the way artists compose and create music through seamlessly embedded features like a hyper-responsive sensor board and a modulation panel that functions as a mini sound mixer—essentially making the Rise a portable production studio.

1. Touch Faders

Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, Lift—each type of finger gesture applies different sonic effects to the music.

2. XY Touchpad

Performers can fine-tune additional sound parameters through the sensitive XY Touchpad's graph-like interface.

3. Octave Shift

Musicians can adjust octaves with this feature, letting them play higher or lower notes with ease.

4. Silicone Keywave Surface

The custom-engineered silicone surface allows for gliding across individual keys, or keywaves.

5. Sensor Technology

A sensor board lies just below the keywave surface and interprets distinctive finger gestures to produce unique sounds.

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