Innovating for a Driverless Future

Most people think they are in sole control of their cars, but they aren't. There are more autonomous systems than ever, making sure that we stay on the road and in control. They include antilock brakes, electronic stability control, and tire-pressure monitors. But more advanced, and obtrusive, smart technologies, called advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), are presently rolling out in new models, offering a taste of what's to come in a driverless future.

Forward Collision Mitigation or Prevention

Actively engages the cars brakes to slow it down or stop fully before a potential crash.

Active Blind-Spot Monitoring

Alerts you to another vehicle in the lane adjacent to yours as you try to switch—and in some cases helps steer the car back over.

Active Park Assist

Parks your vehicle automatically with help from cameras and sensors.

Backup Collision Prevention

Reduces the possibility of backing into objects.

Pedestrian Detection

Uses cameras and sensors to watch for pedestrians and automatically applies the brakes—and in some cases takes control of the car's steering—to avoid a collision.