Open19 and the future of the data center

Open19 and the future of the data center

We’re living in an era of disruption, no matter the industry. When paired with the right innovations, disruptive technologies fuel growth while creating new applications and business models.


For the data center industry, collaboration is key to turning disruption into growth. Today, edge computing, the expansion of solutions and the resulting new use cases create an open playing field for all industry players. When companies work together, they deliver solutions, from the data center to the edge, faster. We’re a founding member of the Open19TM Foundation and working to support the flexibility of infrastructure that provides optimized data center infrastructure wherever you need it globally.


The Open19TM Foundation Summit brings together leaders in the data center industry each year to continue developing products and solutions for the future. Companies entering the industry can take advantage of hyperscale technologies in their own data centers in an efficient, cost-effective way. And those companies have access to innovative solutions that boost operational efficiencies as technologies converge with IoT, AI, and autonomous vehicles.


Raejeanne Skillern, President of Communications & Enterprise Compute for Flex, took the stage to present a keynote for this year’s Open19TM Foundation Summit. View the keynote below and learn more about Raejeanne’s perspective on the cloud and data center industry.




Disruption everywhere


The cloud has already transformed basic activities like travel and shopping – along with the business models that support those activities. For example, the world’s leading transportation companies, Uber and Lyft, provide access to more cars for their customers than nearly any other company, yet they own no cars. The world’s largest e-tail service provider, Alibaba, sells more merchandise than Amazon, while owning zero inventory. In hospitality, AirBnB, a primary choice for travelers, does not own a single property.


And it won’t stop there. In 2007, the average age of a Fortune 500 company was 60 years old. By 2020, it will be 20.


To remain competitive, companies need innovative thinking and nimble operating models. New use cases will continue to emerge as IoT, AI, edge and 5G become established. For example, technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce cost and error and help with scalability so that knowledge workers can focus on the next breakthrough innovation.


More than one way to cloud compute


By the end of 2020, we anticipate a world of 50 billion connected devices and half of them will connect machine to machine (M2M). The use cases that will drive this connectivity - smart cars, factories and cities - demand compute power on a never-before-seen scale. To meet that demand, data center infrastructure will continue to evolve and diversify.


Where there was once a clear-cut definition of the data center, there is now hyperscale, enterprise, edge and micro, to name a few examples.


Edge is the new frontier


Edge computing promises low latency and its own new use cases. It also presents the challenges of power, thermals and space because the enormous amount of data collected at the edge must be processed and analyzed at a large scale.


Edge compute consolidates infrastructure, networking, data center design software and tools. Companies need to determine which data to place closer to the user and construct their infrastructure accordingly.


Lowering total cost of ownership is a joint effort


One of the most important considerations in architecting edge solutions is total cost of ownership. How much performance or value can you deliver while minimizing cost? That’s where organizations like the Open19TM Foundation make the difference. To keep pace with growth and scale, you need a partner that understands, implements and enables data center to edge solutions and the needed flexibility across infrastructure to drive down total cost of ownership.


Flexibility drives growth


As the industry develops, we continue to leverage our scale, global footprint and supply chain expertise to advance the solutions we offer.


Partner with us for design, manufacturing, integration and global fulfillment. We provide complete solutions for Open19, including server cages, bricks and network switches, as well as best-in-class power, cabling and a full ecosystem of partner products.


Learn more about our participation in the Open19TM Foundation and check out our offerings on the Open19TM Foundation Marketplace.