The latest and greatest from SXSW 2017


Flex attended South by Southwest to explore the most recent trends and advancements across industries and markets.


The innovations in health, automotive and consumer technologies offered a promising glimpse into the future of our connected world. 


Robotics is an interesting field where huge advancements have been made over the last year. We watched two robots from Japan discussing pop culture with one another, exhibiting human-like facial expressions. We also saw bionic limbs designed to restore mobility for amputees. 


Gene therapy was front and center with an inspiring keynote from CRISPR founder, Jennifer Doudna, discussing how her company could impact the future of health for everyone. 


Major automakers discussed the future of mobility. Chinese-funded company, Eve, showcased the NIO Eve and EP9 autonomous cars, two luxury vehicles that want you to believe the automotive future is almost here.


On the building and housing front, Austin startup, Kasita, is tapping into both the tiny home and connected home trends with their "fully loaded," modular, movable homes. 

There was notable heavy promotion around Virtual Reality from companies and organizations like Facebook, IEEE, NASA, large universities and growing towns hoping to attract new businesses. 


Most of the VR experiences we encountered would be more aptly labeled as “360 videos," as the fidelity of their videos was too low to simulate reality, but the excitement around them was still remarkable. Partnering with companies like Jaunt, Flex is working to push the limits of AR/VR development.


Building upon the widespread adoption of 3D printing in product prototyping, startup 3Doodler is making the technology even more portable and accessible with its handheld 3D pen.


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