Flex & Jaunt bring Yellowstone Park to life in 3D VR!

Flex is proud to have co-produced a cinematic 3D virtual reality film shot at Yellowstone National Park with our customer, JauntVR ―celebrating the National Park Service Centennial.

Experience it here

Jaunt is the brainchild of Jens Christensen, a venture capitalist, and Arthur van Hoff, a former CTO of the social magazine Flipboard. Founded in 2013, the company specializes in immersive experiences and last year debuted Jaunt One, a professional-grade stereographic virtual reality camera with a full 360-degree capture system, the camera modules of which are built by Flex at its Innovation Center in Milpitas, California. Designed for cinematographers, Jaunt’s computational photography algorithms produce stunning visuals from recorded video, and its cross-platform viewer uses binaural mixing—think of it like 3D audio—which gets viewers as close to being there as possible without actually being there.

Last year, Jaunt launched Jaunt Studios, the Los Angeles–based live-action content and production arm of the company and tapped Cliff Plumer, a Lucasfilm vet to lead the group. Creative inclusion and accessibility of VR are at the forefront of Plumer’s mind. “In the film industry, when Avatar came out, people wanted to see movies in 3-D. There’s always been that creative driving force that’s advanced a new technology,” he says. Rolling out mobile VR alongside full-scale immersive headset experiences lays a framework that will continue to work together as the technology becomes more sophisticated. It’s a quiet revolution, but one that will continue to ring out for a very long time.

So far, Jaunt Studios has collaborated on cinematic VR with musicians such as Jack White and Ray LaMontagne and sports icons such as Shaquille O’Neal; it has also created content for Zoolander 2 and The Lion King musical. This year, the studio has created six mini-documentaries with Sir Paul McCartney for his new album, taking viewers into the former Beatle’s home studio for an intimate entertainment experience available via Jaunt’s smartphone app or the company’s website. Says David Kahn, vice president of product and content for Jaunt, “We call it ‘the ticket you can’t buy.’”

Read more about Jaunt and the pioneers pushing the world of VR forward in the upcoming issue of INTELLIGENCE, out in October, 2016. For more information, visit theintelligenceofthings.com and jauntvr.com

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~Images courtesy JauntVR.