Flex Highlights Commitment to People with Disabilities

In a pledge to provide opportunities for all, the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda emphasizes the importance of inclusion as part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). For several years, Flex has promoted and contributed to these Sustainable Development Goals, and has aligned our 20 by 2020 initiative to these SDG goals. Our 20 goals reflect our commitment to the highest sustainability standards. Our recent commitment to the UN Global Compact further highlights the importance of this topic at Flex.

Flex hosted a week-long global initiative for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities featured on-site community and fundraising activities that raise awareness for People with Disabilities. The response and participation were staggering, with more than 17,600 employees participating in 100 activities across 31 countries around the world. Not only did the collaboration across our offices help our employees feel part of a unified community, it also benefited 28 different non-profit organizations.

Efforts on an International Scale

Two highlights included a job fair Flex Muckachevo which garnered connections for attendees. Able-bodied employees in Ibakari, Japan experienced the challenges of getting around in a wheelchair. We also facilitated a market for people with disabilities to sell products at our Páty, Gyál and Budapest, Hungary locations.

At Flex, there is an ongoing effort to promote the employment of people with disabilities. For example, employees in Hungary worked with the Salva Vita Foundation to generate a program for people with disabilities and sites in China have implemented programs and carried out facility enhancements to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Creating Opportunities for the Future

Adding to this, our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion includes a particular emphasis on the recruitment, hiring and retention of a diverse talent pool to extend our social impact and affect positive change in our local communities. We are committed to showing inclusion at the heart of Flex through our strategy, continual progression to achieve SDGs, and our internal and external commitments and actions.

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