Recon Jetintelligent eyewear expands into new verticals with a laser focus on manufacturing capabilities 


Recon, a company specializing in athletic smart glasses and heads-up display (HUD) technology, launched the first HUD platform for skiers and snowboarders in 2010. After it sold more than 65,000 units, the company was ready to expand their solutions to enter other non-seasonal sports markets. To make this happen, Recon partnered with Flex to design, iterate and scale the product rapidly.

Flex enabled Recon to:

  • Speed time to market of their new intelligent eyewear for athletes
  • Consolidate the supply chain
  • Vertically integrate product manufacturing and assembly

Once running and cycling applications were launched, Recon saw the potential to grow into other applications such as golf, sailing, small-plane aviation, paragliding, BASE-jumping and even hunting. 

Recon partenered with Flex to expand their solutions to enter other non-seasonal sports markets

“Talking to Flex, it was almost like they were focusing solely on picking winners in this space and other spaces. They were okay with maybe it’s going to take time to get us where we need to be, but they were willing to come in and give us good terms, support us, help us get to that stage where we can sell millions. And they were set up to support us.”

-- Dan Eisenhardt
Co-founder, Recon

Through Recon’s partnership with Flex, the company went to market with its smart, stylish new eyewear product.


Recon, an Intel® company as of 2015, leads the smart eyewear category for sports, and brings its technology and innovation to completely new markets and use cases where activity-specific information, delivered instantly, can change the game.



Moving with agility from prototype to market 

Recon’s partnership with Flex brought Sketch-to-Scale™ capabilities and the agility needed to stretch from prototyping through production to market delivery. Recon worked with Flex to consolidate its supply chain, vertically integrate all plastics manufacturing for the smart glasses and assemble complete product units.

Flex helped navigate key supply chain challenges through efficient manufacturing at its FDA-registered facility in California — where imported optical components arrived ready for integration, without requiring any further testing or certification.

Recon chose Flex because of its reputation for speed, capabilities and expertise.

Advanced manufacturing for a competitive edge

Recon needed a custom manufacturing solution for its new Recon Jet eyewear to establish a strong market position. It sought a partner with deep experience in consumer wearables, nimble manufacturing expertise and the know-how and connections to deliver a scalable solution globally. It found those qualities in Flex.


Expanding into new markets 

Through Recon’s partnership with Flex, the company went to market with its smart, stylish new eyewear product. Recon is now positioned to capture a significant share of the wearable optical technology market — and sees promising growth opportunities beyond athletics into new spaces, such as public safety and enterprise applications. Read the rest of the story in Flex’s INTELLIGENCE™ magazine.


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