iENBL: The Ultimate Low Power, Wide Area Network, Rapid Development Platform

Creating a new product to meet the requirements of IoT application development is prohibitive in terms of time and expense, as several iterations are necessary to produce an optimized IoT device that achieves the desired functionality and price objectives.  While enhancing available development boards like Arduino or Raspberry Pi may be one workaround to accelerate development, it doesn’t allow for application testing in the field on a small or medium scale (e.g., 10s or 100s of units), and requires porting the application to the final architecture once the device becomes available.

To address these problems, we at Flex have created the iENBL, which helps our customers develop, verify and test their IoT ideas in the field without spending time or money developing hardware.

In the development kit, you’ll find:

  • Benefits of LPWAN Technologies

  • The IoT Development Process

  • Features of iENBL, our IoT development platform