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As noted in the first issue of INTELLIGENCE, Flex currently meets 75% of the world’s demand for wearable activity trackers. Flex manufactures activity trackers for FitbitJawbone and Misfit that started with simply recording steps and sleep patterns and now records other personal metrics. These devices are wireless-enabled wearable devices that collect activity data automatically while it is worn by the user all day.


With continued technological innovation, fitness tracker or activity trackers are evolving to more than just counting steps or monitoring sleep pattern. It appears that wearable devices moving through the same evolution that the mobile phone has gone through. Who would have thought that camera in a smartphone makes complete sense? One of the more sophisticated on is the smart watch.


Some of the latest activity trackers have features and measurements such as step counters, activity time, skin perspiration, skin temperature, heart rate, oxygenation level and the ability to pay for a taxi, coffee or groceries.

Recent fitness trackers also became state-of-the-art fashion accessories with genuine leathers, precious metal such as gold or platinum and some of them are accessorized with gemstones such as diamonds, tanzanite, emeralds etc.


Certainly, the idea that the activity tracker can recharge itself by just being worn, or can notify the person when it detects sudden abnormal heart rate in combination with an irregular skin perspiration and oxygenation levels, that would be quite an accomplishment and maybe not so far fetch into the future. It may be renamed from a fitness tracker to a personalized lifesaving device. 

Activity Tracker or Fitness tracker can provide many data points such as activities, sleep diet and more...

Flex currently meets 75% of the world’s demand for wearable activity trackers


Why use Wearable Devices such as Activity Trackers?

Today’s society craves information and it appears that people are “in love” when it comes to tracking essential information constantly. An activity tracker is a great opener when engaging in a conversation with friends and family by sharing notes and experiences or when visiting a physician. Many doctors welcome proactive patients as they know the patient is making an effort to live a healthier life. A study published by the US National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health concluded that availability of health information technology (HIT) increases the use of self-tracker for activity, sleep, and diet, and the easier a health tracker is to use, the more likely people will use it.


Just recently a fitness tracker may have saved someone’s life, as it confirmed that the atrial fibrillation was triggered by a seizure instead of a heart arrhythmia condition.  

A fitness tracker can also be a fashion statement as companies like Misfit and Jawbone make an effort to design stylish and functional devices. As Flex has learned since making the first fitness trackers, companies need to balance important features, product durability, battery life and a fashionable sense of style to achieve a winning combination that will sell millions of units quarterly.