A Network Infrastructure in Digital Transformation  



As 5G emerges, the entire network infrastructure is in transformation. Disaggregation is the new norm, changing how data is transported from one network element to another, enabled by software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), and Open RAN.  

We help the world’s leading technology providers innovate, grow and adapt in the emerging 5G environment. Providing networking, optical and wireless infrastructure, we deliver the communications solutions so you can capitalize on new opportunities and improve time to market.

Flex provides the local expertise and global breadth of capabilities you need to mitigate risk and drive innovation when launching your product.

5G and Wireless Infrastructure 

Low latency is key to new technologies and services like autonomous cars and remote health solutions. A network infrastructure enabling high speed, low-latency, and reliability is now more important than ever.  

We deliver communications solutions based on our depth of understanding of all areas of this infrastructure. This includes small cells, base stations, remote radio heads and antennas, and microwave point-to-point systems. 

Flex offers expertise across industries and emerging technologies.

IP and Optical Networking

Massive amounts of data are on the move between the cloud, data centers and users on the client side with strict requirements on latency and reliability.  

We deliver fiber to the home (FTTH), Datacenter Interconnect, IP and SDN solutions  to ensure data moves seamlessly through the network, whether in transit to a short-haul, long-haul or metro-area destination. 


                                  Flex supply chain management - advanced simulation and analysis tool

Partner with Us to Achieve Your Goals   

Take advantage of our highly advanced labs, design centers and manufacturing facilities. As designers and engineers of IP and optical networks, 5G and wireless infrastructures, we deliver Sketch-to-Scale® network and data solutions. Whether you need a joint design and manufacturing (JDM) partner or just manufacturing services, we’re here for you.    


Accelerate Time to Market  

Stay ahead of the competition. Co-innovate with us to get there first. Shorten your product development cycle with our customizable reference designs and innovative testing methods. Then, tap into decades of manufacturing and supply chain experience to bring your new products to market faster, securely and with minimal risk.  


                                  Supply chain -active tracking of your supply chain networks at the Pulse center

Scale Rapidly and Efficiently 

We provide insights and solutions for network connectivity all around the world. We offer innovative products and solutions locally or globally. Scale rapidly and efficiently with the help of our global scale and extensive experience in tax and trade. 



Leverage World-Class Expertise

We have delivered the highest volume of macro cell and small cell radios in the world. Take advantage of our end-to-end support, from component sourcing and selection, to design optimization and manufacturing capabilities for IP and Optical Networking.



Partnerships and Certifications 



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